Yerevan Check-In…


I reached downtown of Yerevan and i found Wolf (please don’t ask me again, yes it is his name…! 😛 ), who is my next host and together with our bicycles we went to his house. Wolf is one of the most intelligent and active persons, that i have meet in my life until now! He is an IT specialist, having his own IT company, he is Head of Development at the Armenian Cycling Federation and he also runs some more projects. 


From the first day we had a great connection and we could speak openly about anything. But the best part is that with him and his friends we are laughing so much. One night we literally fell on the floor from laughing! 😀  Also one day we arranged barbeque all together


and another day we went out drinking wine. I had really awessome days and i feel them as my brothers or “Halal” in their Kucha languange! 😛

Also i have to say a million thanks to Wolf’s mother Yanna, who was cooking for me the most delicious Armenian and Russian foods and was trying every day to help me however she could, with her little english. You are amazing! 😀 


We as well went for one day trip with VeloClub, the best cycling club in Armenia.


Our trip was to the temple of Garni, which is a 2.000 years old Pagan temple. It is built with Greek architecture and Armenian materials, making a great mix that lasts until today! Garni temple, is also the most popular touristic attraction of Armenia and it well deserves it!



And after we went to an epicly awesome canyon, with 5 ancle rock formation shapes!




We also made picnic there with all the guys.


And we returned back to Yerevan late in the afternoon.

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But after some days of awesomeness, reality hit my door… I finaly had my Iranian visa stamped on my passport.


And i had to leave from Wolf’s house. So the normal thing to do, was to pack my stuf and head to Iran. But my heart didn’t agree with it…

Armenia and its people won me entirely! After almost 5 months on the road, i had finally found a place that i could fit in. A place that i belong. So i didn’t loose any more time and started searching ways of staying here. After some days i came up with an idea… I found all hostels in the city and went out there to volunteer myself, in exchange of living and eating there for free.

And it worked! 😀  At my fourth attempt, i found the coziest and most beautiful hostel, exactly at the heart of Yerevan! This is Grammy Hostel and you can check its website here. You can see also some photos of it, so that you believe me that its the best! 🙂 









And this is Arayik, the soul of Grammy Hostel, playing the piano like a pro!


If you are searching for a cool, economic and cozy place right at the center of Yerevan, Grammy Hostel should be your no1 choice! 🙂 

So here i am, living right at the heart of beautiful Yerevan, with all the action going on around me!

Like this event at the Freedom square, right behind the Opera hall. It was called Be Active, Live Healthy, and there were lots of happenings out there. There were gymnastics, volleyball and basketball games, parkur and bmx tricks show and it was pretty awessome! Take a look at the photos




When i first entered Armenia, around one month ago, I literally didn’t know anything about this place. I really couldn’t imagine that all these great things will happen to me! That i will meet so many interesting, artistic, helpful and beautiful people! There are more to say about them and there are more people that i haven’t mentioned on this post. They already have left their mark on me and i will carry them forever in my soul! Armenia has owned me completely and i love every moment of it 🙂

To Be Continued…