Turkish Coastline and Izmir

So we are here in Balıkesır, at Erdem’s house. He is a midschool teacher, loves music, plays baglama and learning guitar, plus he is a great host! From the fırst moment we felt good wıth him, he showed us around, we went to the bıg pazar(street market) and offered us Lahmacun, a special Turkısh delıcıous food! We also played music wıth hım and his friend(sorry but i forget his name…). Thank you so much for everything Erdem  😀


After two days stay in Balikesir, we started cycling again. We decided to hitchhike until Ayvalik. It was a very difficult day for us, until we reached the sea, late in the evening. This is where we decided, that each one of us, should follow different route from now on, because we wanted to do different things. It was a difficult dicision that had to be made, in order both of us enjoy more our journeys. Enjoy the rest of your trip “Psile”!


So the next morning i started cycling alone, for the first time after 30 days… I reached Ayvalik early, and i visited Cunda island, with the extraordınary beautiful old Greek city.


In the afternoon, i cycled more to reach the quiet and beautiful Badavut beach.


Stayed there for the night and the morning i headed to Dikili. After a beautiful seaside route i reached Dikili at miday. Right after i finished my lunch, two other cyclists stoped in front of me and we started talking. They offered me a beer at the begining. So we went to their house, where we had some food and they offered to host me for the night! Sendogan my host is a wonderful 65 year old person full of life. Every day he plays tenis and cyclıng wıth his bıcycle. He was so kind that he offered me food, clothes, shower and a couch to sleep! He was also hosting his nephew Nural, which was also a really nice guy who helped me a lot. I also met Tunc, the son of Sendogan and we had some beers! I met him on the street, and he offered me everything… This is the true Around the Good World meaning! Thank you very much for everything you have done for me!  😀


I waved goodbye the next morning and cycled to Aliaga. I stoped at a park to rest and guess who came there after 30 minutes… Damianos! We talked there about our new experiences and some people invited us for lunch! They were Turkısh soldiers who had their time out. They offered us bread, cheese, watermelon, tomatoes and cherries. Thank you komandos!  😛

In the afternoon i started cyclıng again and after a horror industrial area i passed, found myself again at the beautiful scenery of the Aegean sea. Reached Yenı Foca, a touristic small town and fınally found a park to sleep.


The next morning i reached Old Foca and stopped outside of a house to drink some water. The owner of the house saw me and invited me in. He offered me coffee, burek that his wife made, fılled my bottles of water and gave me the most delicious fruits from his hometown Kahraman. Thank you so much Zafer, be well you and your family!  😀


I continued after the refreshing stop at Zafer’s house and after 90 very dıffıcult km, I fınally reached Izmır.


I went straight and found my new host, the beautıful Gamze!


To Be Continued…