Trying to Escape!

I have stayed more than one month here in Yerevan and I am still in love with this city. Every day getting deeper into its rythm, that travel your soul into happiness! So after being more than 5 months away from home, it is the perfect time to make a full report for all the facts and data, until today. 

First the project is going extremelly well! 😀 Until now i had none bad experience, with any person that i have met. On the other hand from the start until now, i have experienced tons of kindness on the road. People from Greece, Turkey, Georgia and Armenia have been more than nice to me and i really thank them from deep inside, for everything they have offered me! They filled my water bottles, the gave me food, shelter, hugs, lifts, happiness, lessons and more. I will never forget Zafer in Foca, that i stopped outside his house and he invited me in, to offer me coffee, burek, his company and the most delicious fruits from his village! I will never forget Tato in Amaghleba, that while i was lying on the ground, he invited me at his house to host me for the night, speaking to me in Greek! I will never forget the gyus in the old truck, that stopped next to me to lift my bicycle on the truck and take me as well, until the end of the insane uphill, before Aparan! I will never forget anyone of you that have helped me in any way until now. You are all travelling with me Around the Good World 🙂


As for practical things along the way, everything is going perfect as well! Not a single flat tyre after 4.500km, thanks to my Schwalbe Marathon Greenguard tyres that i am using and i strongly suggest them for bicycle touring. No serious injuries or sickness until now, except diarrhea (3 times…). No serious damage on my equipment, which means my bicycle, my bags and everything inside. Moneywise, I’m running on a daily budget less that 3 euros/day and i am really enjoying it!  :mrgreen: 

I should not forget to thank Livetrip, for all the support and their great application and of course PlanetSim for providing me all the communication i need, while being on the road. Thanks guys, you rock! 🙂 

So everything is perfect, right…? The truth to that question is not that simple. To get here i went through a lot of tough situations like insane uphills, really bad roads, diarrhea while cycling, psychologic breakdowns, painful goodbyes and serious mindgames that made me want to quit everything and just go back at the comfort of my house… It was so hard to take the decision not to quit (yet 😛 …) at all those moments, whith all the physical and mental pain i was experiencing. Now if you ask me “Hey man, how is your journey until now?”, I will reply “It is perfect!”. And i really mean it. When i think of this now, only the good things comes to my mind. I think this is how the brain works. When you are experience an intense situation of any kind, your brain is screaming to quit it. And when you have been through this situation, the brain deletes everything that is connected to pain, loss and other negative emotions and gives you a pleasant memory of this experience. At least this is how my brain works, along with everyone else’s that i have discussed it and they have been in similar situations, so i know it is generally true. 

Another thing I realised up until now, is that the negative experiences we have on the road, are responsible for making us stronger and better persons in life. So we should embrace them when they come, instead of trying to avoid them, because anyway we cannot avoid them, it is part of life and a universal law. Also we should enjoy all the positive experiences that we have to the limit, cause it is them, who we are going to remember for the rest of our lives! 😀 

The road is giving you so many important life lessons, that even the best universities in the world cannot teach you. You learn to live and endure with loss, because nothing belongs to you and everything is temporary. You also know that happiness lurks around the corner, so you’re waiting patienly for her to smile at you again! 😀

I’ve become too much philosophical i think in this post… 😛  

Next destination is Iran and i am sure that new adventures and great people are waiting for me there, to experience great things together! Goodbye for now, with some nice photos from Yerevan. Enjoy 🙂

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To Be Continued…