The Road to Oaxaca


It was a sunny day, like most days are in Mexico! Some days ago, I had arrived in Colima, which is one of the smallest states of the country. That applies for the city as well.

It’s very calm and quiet, with not so many things to do… Which was actually perfect for me! The reason, was that I wanted to dedicate myself to the project and mostly into videos. And I totally succeeded on my task 🙂
Beautiful Zulma was my host in Colima!

She is from Colombia and we met in Yucatan through couchsurfing. After that, we embarked on an epic roadtrip together at Las Coloradas

Rio Lagartos

and the absolutely stunning island of Holbox!

She and her roommates were so kind to host me for 3 weeks. Muchas gracias a todos!
The highlights of my stay here(except from working on my laptop)
Was Comala, which is one of the Pueblos Magicos of Mexico


And of course, the majestic volcano, which gazes its sight on top of everything else!

After all the work was done, I decided to leave Colima and move on to Morelia. So I packed my stuff and hit the road, with the intention to hitchhike all the way until there. A bus took me out of the city early and started hitchhiking around at 8:30 at the edge of the city. I was expecting it to be tough but it turned out to be completely impossible… It was 13:30, when I decided to head to the bus station. I was waiting at the same spot for 5 hours, without any luck…
After lots of frustration, finally found a cheap bus to take me to Morelia. As I was waiting for it, a realization struck me. “No one owes me anything and I shouldn’t expect to get picked up every time I hitchhike”. It sounds logical, but when I was out there I was thinking that it’s kinda like their responsibility to stop for me… Of course it’s not! I look kinda rough and it’s only normal that people are afraid to get me into their car.

With those and even more thoughts, I fell asleep inside the overnight bus. When I woke up I was already in Morelia! It was still 3 in the night there though… So I had to wait at the bus terminal for two more hours, until I could use the public transport. So at 5 o’clock, I hopped on a minibus and arrived to my couchsurfer’s house a bit later. Arelia is her name and she is the happy mother of two wonderful daughters!
I only wish that my stay in Morelia could have been longer… In just 4 days I had the luck to see the city, enjoy its nightlife, watch a great jazz/fusion concert, meet with other couchsurfers and experience the magical villages around the city!

We had amazing time together with the girls. They are full of life and positivity! That’s why it was unfortunate that I had to leave once again. This time I headed to Puebla. I managed to hitchhike for around 350km with these amazing guys

And reached the capital, Ciudad de Mexico. It is one of the biggest and crowded cities in the world. Thus, I didn’t want to stay much in it.

From there, as the sun was about to set, I took a bus that brought me all the way to Puebla. Very tired as I was, I went straight to the house of Gonzalo, which would be my host for the next days.

I stayed with him and his beautiful family for 3 perfect days! We had great conversations with his mother, his father and I realized that my Spanish has gotten a lot better. We also cooked Mole Poblano, which is the best dish I tried in Mexico(Ceviche & Tacos come very close as well…). And trust me, I had lots of good food. Generally, food in Mexico has great standards and you just cannot miss it while you’re there!
After my stay with Gonzalo, I remained at the city of Puebla at the house of my next host, which was Paco! No mames guey… 😛
Paco and his friends made my stay so much fun, cause they are sincerely very funny! We played music, laughed and went to an amazing cenote to have fun altogether.
Paco is one of the best guys I’ve met in all my journeys. Funny, generous, polite and real! He has all the qualities to become one of my great friends. Muchas gracias hermano, nos vemos a Creta 😀

I stayed in his house for a week, until the time had come to move again. This time for the city of Oaxaca. So I hit the road and went on the highway to hitchhike. I picked the perfect spot, with lots of traffic and lots of trucks stopping. It turned out to be of no importance though. I was waiting for 6 hours straight, with my thumb on the air… 
That left me with a completely numb hand for the next couple of days. Seriously, try to hold your hand like that for 6 hours straight and you will get what I’m saying…
So 6 hours later,  a bus stopped and took me all the way to the city for just 10$, as the distance was 300km.

I had officially arrived in Oaxaca! Right on the sunset, I hustled for my hosts house. Her name was Debie 🙂

To Be Continued…

See you Next Time!