This is the equipment, for now. It may change during the journey.


Tent : Ferrino Chaos

Sleeping Bag : Fjord Nansen Troms

Camera : Canon S120

Action Camera : SJ 7000

Cooking Gear : Camping Gaz Oven, Pot, Plates, Cutlery

Clothes : Bike Suits, Normal Outfit, Bike shoes, Normal Shoes, Socks, Jacket, Raincoat, Underwear, Thermal Outfit, Towel, Fullface, Scull Cap, Swimsuit, Gloves, Bike Glasses, Helmet

Rest Stuff : Flashlight, Lighters, Hose, Water Bottles, Sleeping Pad, Pillow, Nail Clipper, Bike Cover, Med Kit, Needles + Threads, Mobile, Documents, Soap


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