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How to FIND your NEXT DESTINATION when you travel

Welcome to a new series on this channel 🙂 Alale asked me some weeks ago in the comments to make a video about my next destination. And here I am making the video about it! I would be glad to listen to your questions and make new videos about them 😀

I had ICE-CREAM with the DEVIL…

After arriving at the city of Oaxaca, I stayed with Debie, Damian and Vitor. We had awesome time time and tons of fun together! This is one of the days that we spent together. We went to the monastery of Cuilapan, at the city for beers and nieve and we ended up in the house…

WE GOT LOST in PATZCUARO… – Pueblo Magico

A great family of a mother and two lovely daughters(and a dog…), hosted me while I was visiting Morelia. One of these days, we set of to an epic road trip to the majestic villages around. We had ourselves amazing time, until we got into trouble… It was in Patzcuaro, the Pueblo Magico, where we…

Swimming with HUGE TURTLES in AKUMAL

This time I am exploring the glorious beach of Akumal in Quintana Roo state of Mexico. It is the home for some huge turtles, so we went there to snorkel and swim with them. The God of Wind though had different plans on this day…  

Incredible Izamal – Pueblo Magico in Mexico

That is a completely experimental short clip, from the amazing village of Izamal. It is one of the “Pueblos Magicos” of Mexico! That is because it offers the visitors a unique experience, with its yellow buildings, architecture, pyramids and fairytale vibe! The monastery of the village is of course its highlight and I feel extremely…

AMAZING FLAMINGOS and MANGROVES at the Celestun Biosphere!

What an amazing experience, to see the flamingos and the mangroves of Celestun! Traveled there with my friend Gaby from Merida and it was literally one of the best days of my life 😀  

The Road to Oaxaca

  It was a sunny day, like most days are in Mexico! Some days ago, I had arrived in Colima, which is one of the smallest states of the country. That applies for the city as well. It’s very calm and quiet, with not so many things to do… Which was actually perfect for me! The…