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Top 5 Free Things to Do – Montreal


Incredible Montreal – Canada


After a Hell of a Long Time…

It’s been a hell of a lot time, since the last time I made a blog post. I know… In those last 6 months, tons of things have happened. I don’t even know where to start from, but I guess from the point I left it. I was in Canada, living in a small but…

Flying from Montreal to Mexico

The time has come to head to Latin America! So here I am, catching a flight from Montreal/Canada to Cancun/Mexico. The plan is to go all the way from Mexico to Costa Rica, by land. Great adventures are ahead! Stick around to see what happens next…      

Montreal Underground City

  The Underground City of Montreal, is an interconnected network of hotels, office towers, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, universities, museums and other commercial complexes. Combined, there are 32 kilometers worth of tunnels over twelve square kilometers of the most densely populated part of Montreal. Subscribe for more videos – HERE    

Lots of Fireworks!!!

  Awesome change of the year! 2016 left and it’s time for 2017… Met awesome people from couchsurfing and we had so much fun. We went to a party for 3 minutes… 😛 Then to the Old Port of Montreal and we ended up at another party later. It was a truly unique night! Subscribe…

Christmas Trip

  Eric, Baba and me, spent our Christmas Eve together with Eric’s family, in his mother’s house. We had dinner and lots of fun, on this 1 day journey. Merry Christmas!    

Best Coffee Ever!

  Vloging outside, at the heart of December! Coffee, food, roommates, snow, friends and many more, in this amazing winter day  🙂    

Montreal Metro

A video about the Metro of Montreal. It contains footage from various stations, facts about it, how expensive is it, pros and cons and a final conclusion.  

Walking in N.D.G.

  A video about walking around the neighborhood of N.D.G. in Montreal. Visiting the park, seeing bicycle lanes and the Cultural Centre.    

Around the Good Canada

  My first moments, after landing on the American continent(with a terrible jet lag…)   Eating gyros with Babak, my first host in Montreal (we’re quite hungry… 😛 )   Partying on a rooftop, under the rain!   Eric and Baba, my 2 best friends in Montreal. Love you guys 😀    Meeting again after…

Discovering America!

  After 13 hours of an unexpectedly pleasant flight, we landed in Canada! It is the first time in my life that i was standing on the American continent and it felt good, right from the start  🙂 First i had to go through all these bureaucratic procedures and then i was free to find my…