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How does TIME Affect YOUR TRAVEL

Time is the most important asset everyone of us owns. At the beginning of every day, we all have the same amount of it. The difference is how we spend it… Time is affecting everything and of course our travels as well. It is actually the most important factor that affects all of our journeys….


Welcome to this new segment of Budget Talks on this channel 🙂 Here you will find ideas, advice, explanations, lessons, experience and anything else concerning Traveling on a Budget!

AMAZING FLAMINGOS and MANGROVES at the Celestun Biosphere!

What an amazing experience, to see the flamingos and the mangroves of Celestun! Traveled there with my friend Gaby from Merida and it was literally one of the best days of my life 😀  

The Road to Oaxaca

  It was a sunny day, like most days are in Mexico! Some days ago, I had arrived in Colima, which is one of the smallest states of the country. That applies for the city as well. It’s very calm and quiet, with not so many things to do… Which was actually perfect for me! The…

How to travel for free… (or super cheap)

  Here I am in my apartment in Montreal, sitting on my big-fat couch, just started writing again, after a whole month. On the previous post about Traveling in Asia, I promised that I will make a post about travelling with less money, or even for free. I always try to keep my promises  😉  In the…