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How does TIME Affect YOUR TRAVEL

Time is the most important asset everyone of us owns. At the beginning of every day, we all have the same amount of it. The difference is how we spend it… Time is affecting everything and of course our travels as well. It is actually the most important factor that affects all of our journeys….


Climbing up on the majestic volcano Acatenango is far away from being easy… It requires strong physical and mental pace. Oh, it also includes plenty of pain! But I guarantee you that reaching up there is gonna be one of the best things you’ve done in your whole life! The eruptions of Fuego at night,…

How to FIND your NEXT DESTINATION when you travel

Welcome to a new series on this channel 🙂 Alale asked me some weeks ago in the comments to make a video about my next destination. And here I am making the video about it! I would be glad to listen to your questions and make new videos about them 😀


Welcome to this new segment of Budget Talks on this channel 🙂 Here you will find ideas, advice, explanations, lessons, experience and anything else concerning Traveling on a Budget!

Puerto Escondido B-Roll

Just arrived at Puerto Escondido and lots of things happened really fast… This is a short trailer until I explain what am I doing here. Enjoy 🙂


This is a video about going after your dreams. Work hard and be proud to accomplish your life goals! Mexico is an awesome country with amazing people. My passions are Travel and Videos, so I am combining them both and I love it 🙂  


Welcome to the world of Cenotes! Mexico is a blessed land that is full of them. In this video, we visited the cenotes Cristal & Escondido in Tulum. We had so much fun, until something totally unexpected happened…  

Swimming with HUGE TURTLES in AKUMAL

This time I am exploring the glorious beach of Akumal in Quintana Roo state of Mexico. It is the home for some huge turtles, so we went there to snorkel and swim with them. The God of Wind though had different plans on this day…  

How to travel for free… (or cheap)

  Here I am in my apartment in Montreal, sitting on my big-fat couch, just started writing again, after a whole month. On the previous post about Traveling in Asia, I promised that I will make a post about travelling with less money, or even for free. I always try to keep my promises  😉  In the…