Spicy India


So folks, welcome to India!
After cycling through the planes of Nepal, i finaly crossed Sonauli border and got into India. This was the first and huge milestone for the project. After 8 months i reached one of my top 5 list country and i was super excited for that  😀
After the border control i continued until Nautanwa, the first town i reached. So i searched for accomodation, but i was hitting the wall every time… Hotels, guesthouses, dharmasalas, all said that they have no room for me. But i had to find something. As i was cycling, a motorbike aproached me and we started speaking. This guy Atul, really wanted to help me, so we started searching together.
After some more rejections, we found a guesthouse under construction and we asked if i can sleep there with my tent. After some negotiations the owner came and he said that i can sleep in a room! He also said “Welcome to India”. So i stayed there for the night, sleeping with the stuff. This is Anil, the owner
and the other guys, i was sharing the room with.
They all helped me a lot and i owe them a huge thanks 🙂
The next morning as i was ready to leave, a police man arrived and asked to see my passport. Of course i gave it to him and he found out, that yesterday the guy at the border had put the wrong stamp on it… He took it, went back to the border made it correct and gave it to me, after 3 hours. It was really late to start cycling so i stayed one more day.
Next morning i woke up early, thanked everyone and started cycling. And then the rain came…
I had to make lots of stops to protect myself, so in one of them i met those guys who were very curious about me…


Finally i arrived at Medawal late. Again i couldn’t find accomodation and after some time, I met Manish, who tried to find something for me. He told me that my best bet is to sleep at the police station… Actually i really had no other option, so we all went to the station. After some negotiations they accepted me, interrogated me, searched me and finally they gave me some food and a bed to sleep, after an exhausting day.
Next morning i continued cycling and in midday i reached Basti, where i could find a guesthouse to stay. This place was extremely dirty. I had been told that India is dirty, but it is different to experience it in reality…
After my short stay in Basti i continued my course. In midday i reached Ayodhya, which is a very old and beautiful place!
I tried to reach Rama temple but it was getting late and with my previous experiences, i thought it would be wise to search for accomodation first. And i was right…
All the guesthouses refused a room to me. Because of their licensed, they could not host a foreigner and the only hotel in town was full… So i had to make 20 more kilometres to Faizabad, where at the end of the day i found a hotel that i could stay.
At this point i started being extremely tired with accomodation in India. There is no place for camping and even if you find, locals will refuse you to stay. Only in big cities you can find proper accomodation. It was also a matter of the bicycle… It limits me to make certain kms per day and it makes it difficult. For the first time i had seriously started thinking, of sending the bicycle back home and continue with a backpack. Really…
But i had no more time to think further. I continued and reached at a place 70km before Lucknow. This day i was very lucky to find a restaurant, with a hotel construction above it. So i made a deal with the owner, that i should eat my meals here and i can sleep for free with my tent above.
The night passed and after my rest at this place, i continued straight for Lucknow.
Finally after 5 stressful and exhausting days, with more than 350km of pedaling, i finally arrived at Lucknow.


So i went straight to my host’s house, I really needed to enjoy some rest and hospitality.



To Be Continued…