So Far, So Good

I was in Fethiye, protected from the severe heat and the insane uphills!

Fusun, the mother of my friend Fikret welcomed me at their house and made me feel comfortable from the very first moment.


Fikret also arrived later, with some of his friends and also Necdat, who is a paragliding instructor in Oludeniz. So after 2 days we went to Oludeniz with Fikret by hitchhiking.


There is an awesome beach there, but you have to pay for going there… So we didn’t go, but we went on the beach next to it.


Which is really beautiful by the way and you can see a lot of people paragliding on the air all the time! 🙂 


Above the beach also is the landing spot, for all the paragliders


We also found Necdat, and he tried to take me for flying together for free, but he couldn’t make it, because he works for a company and the boss said no to him. But he managed to find me a home to stay in Antalya. Thanks a lot bro! 🙂 

Next day a cousin of Fikret wıth his family arrived and we went with their car, to Saklikent area. First we visited a huge cave.


After that, we went to a park full of water,




and waterfalls!


After that place we visited Saklikent canyon, which is really big and amazing, with a river going on through it!


All of them extremely beautiful places, all in one day! Thank so much guys for this experıence 🙂


So the time had come for me to go again… Thank you very much Fikret and Fusun, you are both awessome! 😀

I headed south and on my way i met with two other bicycle travellers who had stopped for tea(Çay). 


At this place i asked Ali(the owner) if i can stay there for one night and he said no problem! I also helped them a little with their work. 


Next morning i woke up, said goodbye to Ali and Cemil(his son) and left. Thanks a lot for everything 🙂 


After a beautıful ride on the Turqoise coast, that i passed some amazing beaches,


I reached Kaş and went straight to my host Can. He is the owner of the famous camping place in that area, Can Mocamp. It is located here, and you can see some photos of it below.




It is actually a paradise for campers who want to relax, in a very beautifull and relaxed environment. You can visit the camp’s facebook page here and the website here.

Can is a great guy, really cool and deep, music lover and a fan of raki 😛  His hospitality was really amazing and i had two unforgetable nights there. He also gave me his hammock for free! Thank you so much man, good luck with your plan 😉 


So i left Kaş


with my batteries fully charged, because i needed to be strong for the diffıcult ride from Kaş to Demre. Actually it was the most difficult ride that i have done until now… 30 km of really steep uphills, with also broken road and 18 km of really steep downhill. But hopefully i made it and slept on Demre’s beach.

Next morning i continued through a beautiful seaside route


to Kumluca.


There i met my new host, Cumhur, who is a generous, honest and hospitable man. We felt comfortable from the beggining, so we went for some beers with him and his friend Akin, the greatest fisherman in the whole Medıterranean sea! 😛 


The next day Cumhur had to work, so me and Akin went to the ancient city of Limyra


and also the ancient Arykanda.



Also stopped for delicious food, at a restaurant next a beautiful river.


After another rest day in Kumluca i had to continue cycling. Cumhur drove me with the car at the top of a really steep mountain on my way and we said goodbye. Thank you for everything brother! 🙂 

After that my cycle was very easy until i reached Göynük for a miday break.


After the brake i continued, until i finally reached the city of Antalya! There i met with Funda, my new host and her friend Yokan. The three of us had a tea. 

To Be Continued…