Samurai’s of the South


Seisuke was already waiting for as at the parking area, of a small market (see Seisuke from the previous post here ). We were so happy to meet with him again after one week! He drove us all the way from Osaka to Hiroshima, which is around 350 km distance. He was also so kind to pay for our lunch, give us cookies, small gifts and also created a “Travel Card’ for us…


I am truly speechless and unable to express my full gratitude for his kindness, generosity and hospitality. We love you so much Seisuke, be well  😀


We got off at Hiroshima and spent one night at a nice park, with an awesome view!


The next morning our host came to pick us up from the park. Chiecko arrived with her 2 adorable daughters, who are so energetic and full of life!


After having coffee at their house, we all together went with Chiecko’s car at Hiroshima downtown, to see the A-Bomb memorial, which is a building very close to where the atomic bomb exploded that survived the holocaust and still standing until today.



Words cannot describe the feelings we felt on the spot… My heart was literally hurting too much. We said with Lia that it’s better to leave this place soon. So we went for a walk at the park, with Chiecko and the children.



In the night, Chiecko cooked an extremely delicious dinner for us, that we all together eat!

Next morning we had to move to Kawanishi, where our next host was staying. Chiecko was so generous and kind to take us there with her car, as it was raining to much and saved us from so much trouble, by driving us 40km further. We love you all so much, you are all amazing!  😀


So we found Israa, a wonderful person from Lebanon/Canada and stayed with her for 3 days. At those 3 days we managed to go to an awesome sushi restaurant,


we also met with Simon, another couchsurfer who was staying with us at the house and had a very nice walk all together.




Also we managed to book our flight tickets to New York!!!!!

After those 3 very nice days, we said goodbye to Israa, on another rainy day… So we headed to Hofu, where Ai and Yuki were waiting for us, to take us to their house, to meet their 2 wonderful children Atara and Towa! The first evening they had organized a meeting with their friends, with sushi, the finest sake, discussions, Japanese games and Super Mario with the kids!



We had an awesome, fun night. The next day we visited the shrine of Hofu Shrine.




And we saw a “Girl Metal” band playing…


I don’t know if this is considered Metal in Japan, but the fans were waving their hands like this \m/…  😛

So after we went back to Ai’s home, to live one last cooking experience. Her rice with curry, was by far the best curry i have ever tasted! I am traveling now for a year and i must admit, that Ai is the best cook i have met until now. The next morning, we said goodbye to Yuki and Ai with the kids, took us to a highway service station, where we had our last meal together. Then we all together started hitchhiking…



Thank you so much all of you, for the great experience we had, in your lovely home! We love you so much  😀

I feel unable to express into words how kind, generous, respectful and awesome the Japanese people are! We were both positively shocked by everything in Japan, but the number one highlight of this amazing country, i would say that it’s definitely the kindness of the Japanese people. Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!!!

So we easily found a car to take us to Fukuoka and we thanked Aya and Koji when we arrived  🙂 


There we found a nice park to camp, before the rain comes, who kept us inside the tent for the next 2 days… So after that, we went to Fukuoka airport to catch our flight for South Korea.




To Be Continued…