After i arrived at the train station in Jaipur, i got transportation to my host’s place. When i reached the place, i was shocked… Arun was the owner of the most beautiful hostel, that i had ever been!





It was the Zostel Jaipur, that won me entirely from the first moment i stepped my foot in. Instantly i decided to stretch my stay here, for as long as i could. I would have to experience Jaipur, or “Pink City”, plus the amazing Rajasthan state! The atmosphere here is completely different than the other places that i had been until now and it is full of colors everywhere…


So i wandered around at the streets of the Pink City,



I saw the magnificent Hawa Mahal palace,


crossed the clock tower,


went at the bazaars


and saw all of these gates, that the city is full of them.


One day i also visited the extraordinary Monkey Temple. It was built 300 years ago, through the hills that surround Jaipur. It was a place for Hindu ascetics and even still now, you can feel the peacefulness and tranquility of the place.


Also there is a small lake with a huge gate, which is super amazing!



There i also met these crazy guys, who were in Jaipur for a wedding…


After a while i decided to do what i came here for. Which was to feed the monkeys! This place is also famous, because the monkeys here are extremely friendly with humans. So it has become a tradition, in a scale that the name has changed to Monkey Temple. So first i observed how local people are doing it and then i tried… And it was a huge success! Check this video to see for yourselves.



The monkeys were indeed really friendly and i returned back to Zostel, with a huge smile on my face  😀

One of the next days i woke up and took the bus to Ajmer… Jay and his friend were waiting for me at the bus station there.


All together we went to Foy Sagar lake, which is a very quiet and peaceful place.


Afterwards we went to Jay’s house, where i met his landlord, her children and some more other guys from the neighborhood. We also watched a bollywood movie and had our delicious dinner! The next morning we all went to Pushkar, which is a very touristic small town, full of temples, colors and people with those traditional wearings.


In Pushkar, there is the only Brahma temple all over India… So we obviously visited.

11300007And afterwards we climbed on the top, of the highest hill outside the town. There was a small temple at the top and of course a majestic view!


The guys had to return to Ajmer and i continue to wander at the streets of Pushkar, until i found Zostel again! I walked in, got to meet with the guys and Tushar arranged to sleep there for one night for free… Thank you so much man  🙂  It is a wonderful hostel, but the images speak better than me!




On the next morning, i said goodbye to the people i met there and took the bus to Ajmer. There i said also goodbye to Jay and his friends. Thank you so much for everything man!  😀


Jay also called a taxi for me, to take me to the bus station. I got there and i returned to Jaipur while it was early afternoon.

The next day i visited the amazing Amber Fort, which was the main fort of Jaipur and the palace as well. I was totally impressed cause it’s totally huge…


Everything is huge and majestic at this epic construction, that goes as far as the eye can see and even further! Just enjoy.



The next week, i had a great task to accomplish. I was ready to go, at the Thar dessert, on the west frontier of Rajasthan. I took the night bus and on the next morning, i found myself chilling on a rooftop, with the view of the Jaisalmer fort!


After some time, i found Ratan, my host in the dessert. Together we took a tuk tuk for his village, Chattrel.


I met his lovely family there.


I walked around the village.


The area is quite touristic, because of the big sand dunes and the desert camel safari. But this place is 100% real. People are totally genuine and speak from their heart. They live simple lives, without comforts, but with big smiles! As i was wandering around, lots of people invited me to their house for chai. Like this man!


Ibrahim is a camel owner, but the last months he has a stomach problem, so he cannot ride his camel. He invited me to his house, where we stayed for 2 hours, speaking about lots of subjects. Thank you very much Ibrahim  🙂

The next day i decided to go for 1 night and sleep alone in the dessert… So I took my backpack and after 30 mins of walking, i found this great sand dune, to set up my tent.


I saw the amazing Thar sunset


and after, i surrendered myself to the calmness and quietness of the dessert. Everything was so peaceful here and this silence, was filling your soul with great emotions!

Next morning i woke up and found Ratan in his house. We had breakfast and he escorted me to the tuk tuk stop. Thank you for this amazing experience Al Pacino… Ehhh sorry, i meant Ratan  😛


The tuk tuk, left me at Jaisalmer, where i enjoyed the extra-super-awesome architecture of this old and traditional city!



The last person i met, was Kamal, who was working in a hotel. It was a great pleasure to speak with this guy! Kamal has never been to school, yet he has graduated from the university of life, with excellent grades! He is the first man i have ever met, that he doesn’t know how old is he… He offered me chai and food and we discussed for 3 hours, about our life experiences. Thank you so much man, enjoy life as you know  😉


It was the time to say goodbye to this beautiful land of Kings. I walked to the train station and got on the train to Jaipur.


I was already feeling nostalgia about this vibrant and colorful place, that i am leaving behind. But it is time to move on to the next chapter. New destinations Lucknow – Kolkata – Thailand. Stay in touch…  😀

To Be Continued…