Planet Sim Story

This is a special post, for a special company which is called PlanetSim.

The company is located in Greece, and produce mobile Sim cards with roaming all around the world, with a very affordable and value for money price lists. There are also special offers and packages for every taste. You can check them all at their website Here.


So one day, I decided to knock their door and ask them to sponsor me. They didn’t know me at all, but four days later they called me to anounce me that they will sponsor me! I was really excited 😀 They didn’t even know me, yet they believed into the project. This made me feel so good and also gave me the confidence, that Around the Good World is a project worth sharing!


Now that i hit the road, PlanetSim logo is one of my favourite piece of equipment!


Also the banner of the company, is now in every page of my blog if you look at the right side of your page                                                                        ———————————————————–>

Thank you so much guys for believing to the project! I will try to spread the word all over the world. Keep up the good work you’re doing!


Welcome to Planet Sim 🙂