After all the crazy adventures on Qeshm island, I took the overnight bus and early in the morning i was in Yazd. I was hosted from Ali, the manager of Silk Road hotel and i stayed for 3 nights at the hotel, which is at the heart of the city, for free! How cool is that 🙂 Thank you so much Ali


I was with the company of Jules from Holand and Alfredo from Germany. The three of us together, went to the Towers of Silence. Iranian people were bringing their deads at the towers and leaving them for the birds to eat them…




We also walked at the graphical streets and small alleys of Yazd, which make you feel like going back in time!




After 3 relaxing days in Yazd i took another overnight bus, to Tehran this time. Marjan and Hamed was waiting for me at the metro station, to take me to their house and treat me as a king!


(Marjan on the left and Hamed next to her, Mohamed in the middle)

They are both cyclists, so they know everything that a cyclist needs. They are also very kind, energetic and extremely hospitable persons. Together we went at their friends party, we enjoyed, played guitar and had fun!

I also met with my previous host Mehrdad to give him his backpack and say goodbye. Thanks a lot man 🙂


And of course i didn’t miss the chance to meet with Alale and Sepidar again, for another hilarious day in the city! I love you girls <3


The days passed and the time had come for Around the Good World, to fly for the first time. So i had to reassemble my bicycle and put it in a box for the airplane. Mohamed is the brother of Marjan and is in the middle of the previous photo.He is also the owner of Arax MTB, a company that organise awesome bicycle tours around amazing places in Iran. You can check their website here and live an unforgetable cycling experience with them!

So we found a bicycle box and Hamed, Mohamed and me got to work, to reassemble Lui(my bicycle) and put it in the box.


After one and a half hour, we finaly made it happen and felt really proud of ourselves 🙂


The next morning we woke up early and we said goodbye. These people were so friendly, genuine and helpful to me and i would had a really difficult time, if i didn’t have their help. You are all awesome and i will miss you a lot! Thank you for your great hospitality and please, come and knock my door whenever you want 😛

So i left for the airport


Asia here i come!


After 25 hours on airplanes and airports, i finaly saw the Himalayas from my window!


After some minutes we landed in Kathmandu airport in Nepal! Namaste 😀


After making my visa on arival, i took my stuff and rushed to the center of the city, to find a place for spending the night. I went to Thamel district, and found a hostel there.

Everything is very diferent and beatiful here in Nepal. After only 9 months, when the terrible earthquake striked, that took the life of 9.000 souls, Nepali people are still reconstructing their homes and their lives, with a smile on their face!


On top of that, India have made a totaly unfair and unhuman blockade of fuels and gas right now in Nepal, which makes things even more dificult here. It is winter, with the temperature at night below zero degrees and people do not have gas to make food, or heat their houses, there is no electricity throughout most hours of the day, there is scarcity in food, gasoline, other products and the prices everyday are going up… So if you think that there is crisis in Greece, think again or come to Nepal to see what real crisis looks like.

With those things in mind i wandered at the streets of Thamel.


The next morning i assembled my bicycle and went to find Raj, my next host. He is living in the south part of the city with his nephew Navin, who came from his village to Kathmandu, for studying at the university. Raj is such a generous, hospitable and organised man With Navin every day, they were cooking delicious Nepali meals for me and ia really greatful for that!

The next days we went together to the Monkey Temple




and also for hiking to the towers of Nagarkot.


After 3 easy and cool days with Raj, it was time for applying for the Indian visa. I submited everything and now i am waiting to pick up the visa. In the meantime i had been to the amazing Patan Durbar square!


Also I met with Elpis and Dora! An epic couple from Greece, who will travel in southeast Asia for 6 months, making their “Asiaquest” documentary on the way. We shared our traveling stories and had great time together!


They have also launched a crowdfunding campaign, to help Nepali people that was seriously affected from the earthquake, by loosing their houses and their family members… With the money that they will collect, they will built a greenhouse and they will plant 10.000 trees in it, for all the people of the surounding area! Help Elpis and Dora to spread more smiles in Nepali people faces and bring food to their table, they really need it! You can check the campaign here 

After staying with Raj for 1 very nice and productive week, i had to move on. Thank you for everything Raj 😀  


So i took my bicycle at a friend of Raj’s house. His name is Bishan and he is also really friendly and kind!


And i took the bus for a village called Battar, 70km outside of Kathmandu to meet there with Hari.


To Be Continued…