Iyi Bayramlar!

Early at the morning, me and Alp had our breakfast and left Milas and arrived at Gülük 2 hours later.


We spent some time at the village and after we went to Oba beach, wıth our friend Asrin.


At the afternoon, Deniz came and found us at the beach and escorted us to his house, to meet his mother and her two sisters. Up untıl now, they are the best cooks i have met in Turkey.


Their food was extraordinary delicious! Also Deniz is a great guy. He made us feel comfortable from the first moment and was doing everything to please us. We had our beers at the beach and beautıful talks about everything! Plus we invented the Triple Selfie Photo 😛  


Also the view and the sunset from his rooftop was amazing…


Denız, thank you very much for everything  🙂 

We left Gülük 2 days after and we splitted up with Alp, while he went back to Milas. I continued till Gündogan, where Matthias was waiting for me. As i arrived, the first thing we did, was to go and fly his drone with his friends!



After that i rested a lot at his beautıful house. I also met his co-workers at his company, his aunts and his father who was a captain at a sailing boat.


We also brainstormed about a project they wanted to make to the company, so i contributed an idea for them. I hope i helped guys  😉 Thank you so much Matthias for your great hospitality!

So I left Gündogan and after i passed the gorgeous Gümüslük


I reached Yahşi, where i found Erkan. I met Erkan 10 days ago on a gas station(!) and he invited me to host me in Yahşi.



The day i reached there, was the first day of the Bayram(after Ramazan finishes, Islamic people are festing for 4 days and it is called Bayram) so Erkan’s co-workers was having a barbeque(mangal 😛 )


The next day i had to repair the bicycle a little bit


and the afternoon we went for a swim to the closest beach. Erkan’s hospitality was extraordınary… I was really amazed of how much he wanted to please me. Thank you so much for everything brother!  😀 

So after 2 days of rest and festing i had to go. First i passed from Bodrum and made some photos



Bodrum is the most touristic place in Turkey, the birth place of Herodotus(the father of history) and my grandfather’s place of origin! After Bodrum, i reached Yali beach and passed the rest of my day, close to Turkish people, festıng Bayram with mangal!


After Yali i knew i had a tough route, but i didn’t know exactly how tough… First the road became dirtroad and after that came an insane uphill and an insane downhill, that drained out all my energy. I reached Türkevlerı late at noon, exhausted and burned from the sun… There i found a good camping spot, had a shower in the afternoon and rested a lot.


The next morning i started also knowing that i will have some more trouble and i was right. The first uphill was paranoid…


I was carrying the bicycle for a long tıme. After that, the road became dirtroad(again) and reached the sea late. There the view compensated me though


I reached Akyaka and in the afternoon i went to a small village called Gökova and camped at a park for the night. The morning i woke up surounded by chıckens… Lots of them! So I had to escape…  😛  I continued till I was in Ortaca.


The heat there was crazy, close to 40 degrees Celsium.


Anyway, i found a way to stay alive under a berry tree and in the afternoon i found a field and camped. The next day after lots of uphills on the highway, i finally reached Fethiye where i met Fusun, my friend’s Fikret mother at the bus station and escorted me at their house.


To Be Contınued…