Istanbul and Beyond…

We are here in Istanbul and after a stop at a verylıve and beautiful park


we arrived to Ali’s house. Ali hosted us for 3 nights but we didn’t manage to hung out together a lot, because he was working most of the day, while in the afternoon he was with his girlfriend Olga(in the picture) that she was from Rusia. Thanks a lot Ali 🙂


In the meantime we managed to see the most touristic sightseeings in the center





Next stop was Ali’s house… No I am not confused, it’s just that our next host name was Ali again! He was also hosting at the same time, a chinese girl named Huen and an Ukranian guy called Alexey. The five of us came along really well and we had wonderful moments for the next three days together! Thank you so much Ali for your wonderful host and guys for the wonderful moments 😀


So after six full days in the chaotically beautiful Istanbul, on a Sunday morning we took the fery to Bandirma.


When we arrived, at the port was Çagri waiting for us. He hosted us for one day in his house and also met us with his friends Onur & Aysun who are living one floor above, at the same building.


We talked for hours, had dinner, laughed, played tavli(!) , chess and we had great time with all of them. Thank you very much for everything 🙂

Next morning, we woke up early and hit the road again, after one really beautiful week! At noon we arrived at Susurluk and we found a great park to chill. We also met Mehmet(Ali and Mehmet are the most common Turkish names), who helped us to find Çig Köfte, a special Turkish food which is super delicious!


At the nightime we heard some drums playıng very close to us, but the next day we found out that it is something traditional that they do, inside the perıod of Ramazan. It is for calling the people to eat for the last time, before the sun comes out again.

The next mornıng ıt was raining and after it stoped, we continued to Balikesır and found the house of Erdem, our new host!  😀 

To Be Contınued…