Important Decisions

Here i am in Lucknow and after the crazy traffic jam i encountered, i managed to get to Thaps house. He comes from an aristocratic family, so he has servants in his house, taking care of everything. Thaps figure, could easily be a character in a book or a movie… I cannot explain more, you have to meet him to understand. So if you ever come to Lucknow, i’m sure he will be really happy to host you!


So after the intense previous week, i managed to rest a lot at Thaps comfortable house! Also i had been around the city, mostly with the help of Vinod, who was driving me to all the places. Thanks so much Vinod  🙂


Here is the Rumi Gate


and the streets of Chowk, with the amazing food.


And i met this girl as well there!


The other day i went at The Residence, which was a British ground that was destroyed in 1857 after a long battle.




The next day we had another couchsurfer at the house. He is Ozkan from Istanbul.


Together we went at a college and played ping pong with the students there! It was really fun  😀


We also went at the impressive palace of Bara Imambara


and also Chota Imam Bara.


But after so much fun and sightseeing, important decisions had to be made… The matter was the bicycle. After 8 awesome months on the road, i had experienced, calculated and considered all the data and facts, about a cycling journey. So the conclusion is this : Money wise, it is more expensive to travel with a bicycle and i will give you an example. Lets say i want to cover a 500km distance. By cycling i will need around 10 days, so with a budget of 4$ a day that i am currently traveling, it costs 40$. If i had no bicycle and just take the bus, it should be around 10$ to 20$, depends on the country. Also sometimes you need to take buses, trains, airplanes and you must pay more money for your bicycle, cause it is not considered as luggage. For all those reasons, traveling with a bicycle is more expensive, than backpacking for example. Another thing is that, because of the visas limited time that i have in every country, i cannot see a lot of things. I will just see only the things, that happens to be on my way. Of course it is also a matter of difficulty, because cycling for 3 days on a 150km uphill, with 35 degrees celsium, it is far away from being easy… Lastly, it is more stressful in many ways. When you expect for example, to see if your bicycle arrived safe after a flight or a bus, or when you don’t know if you will find a market on your way to buy some food for the day.

After considering and “meditating” a lot about all those strong facts, i came to the conclusion that there are more disadvantages than advantages, when you are traveling with bicycle. It was hard to accept, but after 8 months i had to find a way to send “Lui”(bicycle’s name) back home…   😐

I started searching on how to do it. All the courier companies were charging way too much, i had to pay them the amount of money that the bicycle costs, to send it back… I talked with individuals who are taking care of international shipments, but it was still very expensive. It was then, when Ozkan offered himself to take my bicycle with him, in his flight to Istanbul. In the begging it didn’t sound such a good idea, soon though i realized that it was the only choice i had. We discussed a bit and we found all the details, on how to do it. Afterwards we got drunk at Thaps house, to celebrate!   :mrgreen: 

The next days passed with organizing the next parts of the journey, i bought a backpack and i finally disassembled Lui, with the help of Mohan and Sergat!


And inserted it carefully in its big box.


After one full week in Thaps house, i had to move on. So the plan goes like this. I will leave the bicycle here at Thap’s house and go with a backpack to explore India by public transportation. After 20 days, i will return to Lucknow and Thap’s house. Then i will take it with me to Kolkata, where i have already booked a flight for Thailand. When i reach Bangkok, i will give my bicycle to Ozkan and he will transfer it with his flight to Istanbul. It has somehow to be transferred from Istanbul to my house as well, but this is something that i will have to think later… For now everything has been settled! I said goodbye to Thaps and his “family”.


And caught the overnight train from Lucknow to Jaipur, the so called Pink city. When waiting for the train, there was a surrealistic scene in front of me, that i would never forget! People lying down in every empty space, hundreds of mice running around, two cows who had probably lost their way and were walking around at the platform and a man in ecstasy shouting to everybody… Even with only one of those reasons, it would be a strange situation in western societies, imagine all of them happening together at the same scene… It was priceless  😛 

After the long train journey, we arrived in Jaipur and i got out at the station.


I went straight to Arun’s place, to discover a very pleasant surprise. He was the owner of Zostel, the best hostel of the universe!  😀

To Be Continued…