Happy Thai :)

Back to Jaipur again, just for 2 days. Enough though to say goodbye to the wonderful Zostel family! Special thanks though to Arun, who had the kindness to host me for 2 weeks. You know you are more than welcome, anytime in Greece man  🙂
So i left the Pink City, with a feeling of happiness for all the Rajasthan experiences and a feeling of sadness to leave this great place… But the journey goes on, so i arrived by train to Lucknow to see Thaps one more time and take my bicycle that was already in a box.
After 2 nights in Lucknow, i took another train to Kolkata, where i had to catch my flight to Thailand. Next morning i arrived at the city of Kolkata and went straight to the Parcel office, to receive my bicycle.
After negotiations, i managed to get it, by the help of a guy and lots of effort, we managed to carry it for 500 metres, where the bus station was. There i had to practice my bargaining skills, for letting me in the bus with the huge box… In the end we came to an agreement about the price, which was like 4 normal tickets, but it was still less than the cost of a taxi.
Tired but winner, i got of at the airport and went for the check in.
There was an unpleasant surprise waiting there for me… l was told to pay more for the bicycle, than what i was expecting. So i practised my skills for the second time in one day, to reduce the price to a minimum. And i actually succeed again, but this time the cost was significaly higher, than what i had paid for the bus.
I didn’t loose more time and rushed to the boarding, which lead me straight into the airplane.
After that, i could finally breath normal again, with a result of bursting to laughter, just by myself into the airplane!  😛
After a pleasant trip, we arrived at the super modern and high-tech, Suvarnabhumi airport of Bangkok.
Thai visa was stamped on my passport, i received my backpack and i stored the bicycle at the luggage room very fast.
After some hours of waiting, i took the metro to Qwan’s house, my kind host for my stay in Bangkok. She gave me the keys of her house and made me feel comfortable from the very beggining!
After one day’s rest, I went downtown to meet with Ozkan. He had just arrived from Cambodia. After spending some time around, we made our way to the airport(again…). He had to catch his flight to Istanbul and i would be giving him my bicycle, to take it with him. After receiving the bicycle box from the luggage room, we wrapped it and rushed to the check in. The employ there said that the bicycle can get to the airplane for free! But… We had to pay for the extra bag 100€… Though she sympathised with us two and said, that if we remove 4kg from the backpack, he could take it inside as hand luggage! We didn’t loose any more time and stuffed some of the things into the bicycle box, to make the backpack lighter and we made a good job. They accepted it and i said goodbye to Ozkan, who made this HUGE favour, to take my bicycle with him. I will buy beers when we meet again, i won’t forget it! Thanks man  😀
The next days i explored some Bhuddist temples,
I enjoyed the extremely delicious Thai street food
The imagination of Thai people on food is more than amazing. There are so many things to choose and you want to eat them all!
One of these days, we went with Qwan and her friends, to an event about how big fishing companies are destroying the fishing eco systems and the sea. 


Except of the speaches, there was live music and of course delicious sea food!
After the crowded and noisy India, Thailand was the ideal place, to fill up my batteries and regain my peace of mind. It was also my second time in Thailand, but this place is so special, that never stops surprising you as many times you come!
So the days passed and i had to move away from Bangkok. Goodbye Qwan, it was a great pleasure to meet you and thank you so much for your lovely hospitality  😀
Next destination now is Siem Reap in Cambodia. The plan is to go there by hitchhiking. More interesting days are coming soon. Stay tuned!  🙂



To Be Continued…