Goodbye to the Sea

I am in Antalya, in Funda’s house and trying to rest my body. Funda is a great person! Open minded, an art fan, mother of Tilsim(her daughter), cyclist enthusiast and a graphic designer. All day she is out of the house working for a company and for the first days i do almost nothing… After i am fully recovered, it’s weekend time(hurreeeyyy 😛 ), so we cycled the first day at Çakirlar, passing our day lazy at these cute, typical Turkish structures.


Next day we cycled again with Funda and Gökhan to the amazing Düden waterfalls.




I wasn’t expecting them to be so beautiful… I was feeling that I am in Rivendel(Lord of the Rings) and was waiting to meet Gandalf around the corner!


After the waterfalls, we also went for a tour in the center of Antalya, which is by the way really beautiful.


After the weekend was over, i tried to find tyres but they were really expensive. Also i washed everything after 2 months on the road(at last…), bought some equipment that i needed and started to prepare my Kapadokyan trip. Also i started my preparations for applying for the Iranian visa. In the midweek, we went on a 2.000m mountain top, with all the company to see the meteors falling(falling stars) and it was spectacular(and cold…)! After those days, I spent 3 more days in Özlem’s house, which is Funda’s best friend and we alltogether went cycling at a beautiful river.


And just like that, it had come the time to leave, after 12 wonderful days in Antalya. Ôzlem thank you so much for your great hospitality! 🙂 

But most of all, i have to thank Funda, for everything and i hope we will meet again. Enjoy life 😀

So i said farewell to the sea, knowing that i will need some months to see it again and hoped on the bus.


After 9 hours i was in Aksaray.


Hasan was waiting for me at the bus station. Together we went to the center to find Melih. I met Melih in warmshowers and because he couldn’t host me, or his friend, he paid a hotel for me to stay(with breakfast). He is definately one of the heroes of the project and will be forever into my heart. Thank you so much brother 🙂


Melih had to leave, so me and Hasan had a walk and a doner, before we go to sleep.


Thanks man, i am waiting for you in Crete! 🙂 

Next day i left the hotel late and headed to Selime, to start my Kapadokyan trip officially. But i didn’t know that i was about to have trouble, soon…

As i was cycling, it was slowly becoming harder to pedal, so i stoped to check. And then was when i realised that i had sticky pitch(this black thing, that the roads are made of), all over my tires… In the begining I freaked out, but soon i decided to deal with it. So when i reached Selime i searched for Beytulah, a friend of Melih, that he owns a restaurant in the area. I found him and explained everything, so he sugested me to clean it with gasoline(really…?). So he ordered 1lt of gasoline and i get to make the dirty job done! After 5 hours of intense work, i managed to bring the tyres at a good level for cycling and i was smelling awfully… 😛

Next morning woke up and went sightseeing at the caves, which left me speechless.





Such a unique place Kapadokya is!

After, i continued to Ihlara and while on the road i realised that my body wasn’t feeling so good. Anyway i reached the beautiful village, with the calm river


and found a place to rest. As i was resting, a guy holding a hose appeared from the restaurant above and asked me if i needed a shower. “Of course” i replied and had the most surealistic shower of my life until now, with him spraying water on me and people around staring at the view(me… 😛 )! It was great but unfortunately i don’t have any photos of it. Later that day, i was about to discover that i have diarrhia… So i tried not to waste energy.

Next morning i left for Derinkuyu and i discovered a really nice park there.


I wanted to visit the underground city but my diarrhia wouldn’t let me… So i spend the whole day at the park.

The next day my situation was even worse, but i had to make it to Avanos. So i gathered all my determination and after a lot of pain, I finally reached the town of Avanos. Gökhan was waiting for me there and took me to the house where he left me there to rest. And that was what i needed at the time, so for the next 2 days i was resting and sleeping most of the day. The third day i was a lot better and i went for a walk. Avanos is such a beautiful small town, right at the center of Kapadokya. The old city, the view, the river and the atmosphere, all blending together with an extraordinary result 😀  



After I fully recovered I left this house, but not Avanos. Thanks a lot Gökhan for everything man 🙂 


So i went to my next host’s house, his name is Ersin. His house is a lot closer to the interesting Kapadokyan area and it is easier to go out exploring. And thankfully i did!





I would like to post more photos but i believe you’ll get bored…

Ok, one more 😛


The landscape is unbelievable amazing! The eye isn’t used to those formations, so you think you’re on a different planet! For sure Kapadokya is the highlight of the journey, up until now. For some reason, i believe that I will visit the place once more in my lifetime. But like everything in life, it had to end. So after 3 days in Ersin’s house, that i didn’t see him a lot because he was working literally the whole day, i had to say goodbye to Petra and Matthias, that they are also cyclists on a journey.

08270002(you can check their website here, it’s on German)

And also a big hug to Ersin. Thank you so much bro for everything 😀 


And I started to cycle on the way to Kayseri. After 6 hours, i was finally there and I found Aziz, my new host at his house.

Now, I have to prepare for my entry to Georgia the next days!


To Be Continued…