Good Morning Vietnam!

After almost 10 days in Siem Reap, i decided to leave and head to Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. I knew i had a difficult but not impossible task… So i started hitchhiking. For the first 1 hour i had no luck and i reached out of town, by walking… I found a nice spot there and i continued to hitchhike. After 30 mins of pure nothing, a girl appeared out of nowhere and asked me if i was going to Phnom Penh. I said yes and she invite me to her car that they had hired with her friend, to take them to the airport. It was an air conditioned SUV and i really couldn’t ask for more!
So through the Cambodian countryside
we arrived after 3 hours at the capital. I said goodbye to the kind Chinese girls who were going to fly to Singapore. Thank you so much for the ride 😀
I was really close to my host’s house so i walked there. His name is Egemen, he is from Turkey and he is a traveler who stopped for some months in Phnom Penh. We had awesome time with him and his friends and we partied hard the first night i arrived! Man thanks a lot for your great hospitality 🙂
The day after i rested a lot and early in the morning of the next day i took the bus to Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam here i come  🙂 
We crossed the border really easily and after a pleasant ride, i had reached Ho Chi Minh, or else Saigon!
The first impression was quite possitive. Saigon is a well developed, clean and at some points very beautiful. I didn’t loose much time cause the heat was strong and i rushed at my host’s house. He was the King…! Really, he introduced to me like that, so i was calling him King. He has a very nice and big house, that he has established an English teaching school inside. So i was helping him with his lessons and i was talking with his students in the classroom. It was a great experience & i enjoyed it full!

The next day i had to go to the airport… No i wasn’t flying, i went there to meet my friend Lia, who will accompany me for the next 1 month in Vietnam!
She arrived and together we went for her first Asian meal 🙂
That same day we also met a Belgium couple and we spend some time all together, talking and drinking beer.
Next day we went downtown to visit Saigon’s centre. We arrived at the Benh Thanh market
to see this vibrant place full of people and products.
We wandered around and we found this small Buddhist temple.
Here are some photos of this day.
The next morning we woke up early. We packed our stuff and took the bus to leave the city. There the adventure started… We started hitchhiking on the highway!
Some trucks took us further. At some point as we were fixing our backpacks, a guy stopped in front of us with his SUV, without even wave at him! We jumped in and he said that he saw us before, but he couldn’t stop, so he stopped for us the second time. We had really nice discussions with Andre, as he is a well educated and smart businessman from South Africa. He took us to Vung Tau and tried to find us a place to stay, but was not what we were looking for. So he took us in another beach to find a place, but it was also not suitable for camping… At this point he cancelled his business meeting and comited to find a place for us! The next place was Long Hai and we managed to find a great spot that we could set up our tent, thanks to Andre! Thank you so much for your great help, be well 😀
The beach was really beautiful
and we had a great stay there.
We woke up in the morning and it was even more beautiful!
We packed and went out on the road again. Today hitchhiking was a lot easier, mainly cause we found these two guys
who were going at the same place with us. Hui and Non also treated us with a delicious meal at a local restaurant. Thank you so much guys, you are awesome 🙂
After some time, we arrived at La Gi beach and we said goodbye to them. We run down at the sea and drunk a coconut milk, to relax and regain energy!
This place was a fishing area amd lots of locals were coming here to enjoy the delicious sea food. The fishermen were going into the sea with those small boats, that they look more as a plastic basket…
We enjoyed 2 days at this nice place
and then we started our course to Dalat.

First we met with Thien, who took us both with our 2 big backpacks on his motorbike for free, to take us further ahead… Awesome dude, thanks a million  😀 


At some point this day, we realised that it is impossible to reach it by hitchhiking, cause it was Sunday and not a lot of cars were passing by and the heat had become extreme… So we took the easy option of the bus and we arrived in Dalat, late in the afternoon.
We found easily, a really nice hostel that we could stay and have fun as well! There we met Missu, who was running the hostel, Privet Jesus, the Duych guy, who was volunteering at the hostel next door and Guilerhme, a traveler from Brazil.
The next days we discovered the nice Dalat town and the extremely beautiful area around, who has lots to offer. The majestic Elephant waterfalls, which is a must see in the area, along with the excellent route full of pine trees, coffee plantations and palm trees!



The “Crazy House”, and the lake into the town.
And the great Pagoda up on the hill.
With the awesome flower gardens!
And Last the big lake close to the Pagoda.
Dalat is such an amazing place and it was hard to leave, but we did eventually… We took the overnight bus to Danang city, close to the sea.


To Be Continued…