Good Bye Vietnam


We arrived in Danang city, very early in the morning  and we found our way to our hosts house. His name is Tuan and he is a great person. After a bad accident he had some years ago, he was left with a disability and now he cannot walk. From his wheeling chair though, is now performing remarkable actions as he is helping as many people as he can. He has created a project, that he is helping people with any kind of disabilities around his area. He is also organizing free english classes for students in his house and also more and more awesome things! So we helped him, along with other guests & volunteers as well during our stay, by teaching english to the students, which was an unforgettable experience.



We also walked around the city, with the weather being bad, but very interesting.


We enjoyed the dragon bridge, which is the landmark of Danang.



We also visited Hoi An which is really nice, in one days trip with Tuan and other friends.




Also during our stay in Danang and after some serious thoughts and “negotiations”, Lia and me took a very important decision. To continue together after Vietnam and head to Japan!

So Around the Good World, has got a second member and continues to spread and receive happiness wherever it goes  😀

After some days we said good bye to Tuan and his lovely company. Thank you so much for everything, only love  <3


We started hitchhiking and arrived after some hours in Hue, the old capital of Vietnam. We were totally hooked and fascinated, by the looks and the vibe of this old city. The old city walls, with the rivers all around, create a magical scenery that imprisons you from the very beginning. 🙂




And the best part was that we experienced the real Vietnamese hospitality by Phi and his very beautiful family! His house was into a tropical paradise from any kind of fruit tree, next to a calm small river.



He gave us his bicycle to go around, his son showed us where to find some things that we needed and his wife was cooking delicious meals for us every day… What more can you ask? Thanks a million Phi to everyone in your house!


The last thing in Hue was this awesome pagoda we visited.





So after 3 days we started hitchhiking again. Our plan was to make around 200 to 300km per day and reach Hanoi after 2 or 3 days. But the reality was different…

150 easy km with an SUV and these great people, was a very good start for the day.


Next, we hitchhiked a truck full of pigs. I think there were around 100 pigs on it…


After some time in the truck and the help of google translate 😛 , we realised that those guys are going all the way to Hanoi. So we decided to take our chance and go to Hanoi capital with them. They even paid for our meals!


But there was a small detail that was bothering me. We were moving really slow, so we would arrive really late in the night in Hanoi… So this meant we had to organize. Quickly i found John through couchsurfing and he helped us a lot with directions, he called the driver and gave us all the info of what to do until the morning, that we should go to his house.

So the plan was, after the truck would drop us off, that we should go to a bus station, that we could wait until the morning for the bus. When we arrived there though, we realised that it’s closed… We couldn’t afford to loose any time and we found a train pass, with 2 persons opening and closing the gates, that we asked if we could sit with them for some hours, until the bus station opens. They had no problem and we waited there into the deep night, for the day to come. We were really lucky to find that place, cause there was nothing else around in a big distance! Thank you guys who helped us there  😀

So the sun came again and we arrived at John’s place exhausted, to sleep until late noon. This place was an english school, that they organize city tours for free, with their students and foreigners. So the students get to practise their english with foreigners and from the other hand, foreigners are getting a city tour by locals for free! Nice trade, don’t you think?

Naturally we followed the students, to take us first for a nice meal of noodles with pork and after at the city center.


We explored the Sword Lake.


The legend says that underneath the lake, the Turtle God is having his kingdom!


We also went to the Old Quarter, which is a big market, that tourists and locals are blending together.



And the next day we took a small bus(no more pig trucks…), to arrive safely in the countryside.


Endless fields with rice and banana trees, are covering the vast horizon in Hai Duong province. After some time of walking, we found ourselves in Co Bi village, that we met with Elpis & Dora once again! I think you are starting to get tired with all these meetings…  😛

And the next day we started working really hard, at the construction site.



We were building a school for small children in this area, so that the children here would have the right to a proper education. All the locals here were extremely friendly and happy with us, that they are talking, smiling, giving us candy and Vietnamese smoking pipe to try…


Our company grew the next days, as Tatiana, Sofia, Iliana, Kostas, Roula, Stefanos, Giorgos, Harris and Alexia joined forces with us, to build it even faster!


We spend 6 wonderful days in the village, working, walking, chilling, laughing, playing and also partying the last night of our stay, when we had a Greek night full of dance and alcohol  😀

Here are some photos of our stay there.




Needless to say, it was an amazing, heartwarming and optimistic experience that enrich your faith to humanity. I feel totally honored and proud, that i had the chance to transform my own energy into a school, that will provide education to thousands of children in the future. Be the change you want to see in the world…  😉   

Woke up with hungover the next day after the party and we sadly had to say goodbye to everybody, as we had to move to Hanoi again. We arrived at John’s place again that we crushed for the rest of the day. Next day we bought some things that we needed and prepared ourselves for our flight to Tokyo. Thank you so much John, Nuong and Tu  🙂


Good bye Vietnam, Japan here we come!!!!!

😀  😀  😀

To Be Continued…