If you wish to make a Donation for the project, please click on the yellow button below

Money isn’t everything. There are also other ways, that you can support the project :

– You can offer accommodation if I am passing through your city, town, village, or wherever you are, or if you know somebody who can host me on my way. I will be very happy to meet you, or your friend! Just send me an email 🙂 

– You can offer some parts of equipment that i need. Like parts for the bicycle, clothes that you don’t need, shoes, spices for the food etc. It can be anything! Just ask me if i need something 😉 

– You can Subscribe on this blog (at the right of this page), Like the Facebook Page here , Subscribe on the Youtube Channel here  or Follow on Twitter here .

– Or you can just offer me your smile! This is the most valuable thing you can give 😀 White


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