Cycling the Aegean Beauty

Arrived at Izmir in the afternoon, after making 93km from Yeni Foça. I was exausted but at the same time happy for being there! After the horror in the big roads of the city, i found a bicycle lane(which kept me sane…)


and went to find my host, the beautiful Gamze! She is working at a bar so i waited for her chilling at the amazingly pretty seaside of Izmir.


The next days i got some rest and Gamze showed me the city.


I also get to know her boyfriend Alp and we got along really well! They both opened their houses for me and made me feel like being home. They also shared some knowledge of Turkish music and films with me. I stayed for 5 days and it worthed every minute! Thank you so much both Alp & Gamze, be well 🙂

After Izmir i went to Akum plaj


A very touristic beach that normally i wouldn’t go, but Sabri(a guy who i met in Izmir) told me to go there and find his good friend Mehmet. So there was Mehmet with his company of his wife Gulsah , his nephew Ramo and two more, the beautiful Yaren and her friend Baran. They welcomed me and we had great time laughing almost for the rest of the day! Ramo also made a bracelet for me and Baran bought me snacks for 5 days, for eating on the road!


Thanks a lot guys, come ooooon!!! 😛


The next day i headed to Menderes and stayed at an average beach. No worries, you can’t find every day good places…


On the next day i was in Kusadasi and my new host was Uz. He lives in a great house with an epic view to the sea.


We went with Uz, his friend Onur and his girlfriend to the island of Cunda, to meet Zeynep and Pinar


With all of them we made great company and had 2 beautiful days.


On the last day we went to the amazing Sirince village.



As we where walking on a path to go on the top of a hill, we accidentally came across with a swimming pool close to the top, with excellent view… We couldn’t resist so we jumped in!


Thank you for everything Uz! 🙂

The next morning i was on the road again. After 50km i slept next to a yurt restaurant.


I continued crossing the Bafa lake and after a really dificult but very beautiful route, i reached Milas. The city where my grandmothers family was living 100 years ago. Alp, my new host came and picked me up.


At his house, his family were really lovely and we had good discusions and laughs. His mother also cooked some delicious “bamia” that blowed up my mind!


Alp is also a cyclist, so he decided to come with me for a short trip. So the next morning we had our breakfast and started our route to Gülük.


To Be Continued…