Cycling From Greece to Turkey

15 km before entering Ksanthi, there was a crazy wind blowing on our faces, making our lives difficult. After an hour we entered Ksanthi though and Marios (our host) was there, waiting for us. He escorted us to his house with his bicycle. Marios found out the project through the internet, so he contacted me asking me if we want any help when we reach Ksanthi. He is a student, a fanatic biker and a great guy! 🙂 We went around the city, we played ping pong(!) and lots of other activities, while Marios was always willing to help us. Thanks a lot bro for your perfect hospitality! 😀



So we left Ksanthi and in the beautiful route we took to Porto Lagos, we found this amazing church standing on water!


There we met Uwer, a German biker who is travelling also around the world!


In the afternoon we reached Komotini. Giannis was our host there. We found him on warmshowers and he hosted us for one night in his house, where he lives with his girlfriend Aspa. They were both really cool and good guys and made us feel like home. Thank you both so much  🙂

Here is Giannis explaining to Damianos, how to make the perfect coffee!


Also Giannis gave us the address of his fathers house, in a village called Aetolofos(eagle hill) so we stayed there the next day, as it happened to be on our route!


We woke up the next morning, for our final day in Greece. We covered our route and reached Alexandroupoli, where we had our lunch by the sea and we continued to an area 30 km from the borders, to stay for the night. We found a church there, with thermal springs! We met some locals there, who told us that there is no problem to camp there.


So finally, we reached our last morning in Greece. We woke up with a glazing sun after 10 days of bad wheather and began our cycling to the Turkish borders.


After 2 hours we where finally there!


They checked our passports and 30 minutes later we where into the country!  😀


Actually crossing the borders by land isn’t anything special, cause the landscape is the same, the air you breathe is the same and you realise that borders is just lines on the map, alienating us from other people. Anyway the feeling that we had at the moment was great  😛

The first images of Turkey wasn’t that great but we managed to reach Kesan with no problems. We found a park there and we camped for the night, as the guard for the night said that there is no problem. He also brought some tea! Thank you Ali 🙂


We left the park the next day and we started cycling on the highway, which was frightening in some points, because there where road constructions and the big trucks where passing by just some cm next us…  Also the uphills where insane, so we had to stop to Malkara, to eat and have some rest. We also had a shower at the public baths, under the church(Tzami)!


So in the afternoon with better psychology we cycled further, to find a camp spot at the village Ahievren.

Being two days now in Turkey, we had the time to realize how things work here, so it was easier to find water,food and anything else that we need every day. We also learned our first words to communicate!


So the next day we arrived to Tekirdag, where before entering the city there a totally insane downhill, which reminded a lot of a roller coaster, if you remove the safety belts… It was so intense and full of adrenaline! We discovered the city centre and in the afternoon we cycled at a small beach, close to the city to camp. People there was giving us water and cherries! Thank you people, especially Utkuay, the judge where we camped outside of his house.


Next morning was crucial, cause we had to make a decision. Either cycle to Istanbul, or try to avoid that because of the dangerous road and hitchhike or take the bus to the city.  So we decided to take the second option… First we found Ali, which we loaded the bicycles to his car and took us to Marmara, 30 km further.


There he bought us breakfast and arranged to put the bicycles to the bus, as he was a friend with “the bus captain”, as he said  😛 . So with their help, we took the bus and arrived in Istanbul safe and in one piece!


So now we had to find our way into the city, after making our first 1.000 km…


To Be Continued…