Cycling Around Crete

The Route :

On March 2014, Around the Good Crete, was my first relatively big journey i’ve ever had on a bicycle.

We begun from Heraklion, me and Maria, a friend of mine, which she came from England, all the way to Crete on her bicycle.

(Maria staring at the sunset view, in Fragokastelo)NOVATEK CAMERA

The first day we managed to arrive in Rethymno, after an 80kms ride, Manolis and Linda were waiting for us in their house, a little further from the city. Linda had already prepare an extraordinary meal and the table was ready when we arrived. So the four of us together enjoyed it, with some local wine and good company. We stayed for two days at their house and their hospitality was amazing, Manolis gave us a free service for our bikes and Linda was doing everything in her hand to please us! Thank you so much 🙂

After that we continued going south, and after a wonderful route we reached Fragokastelo.

(Camping under the old castle, in Fragokastelo)NOVATEK CAMERA

We stayed for one night at the beach next to the castle and the next day we continued till the extremely beautifull beach of Preveli.

(The spring has arrived in Preveli!)NOVATEK CAMERA

Everything was so colourfull and beautifull and the spring was there, welcoming us, so we decided to stay there for two nights to enjoy as much as we could. After that, accompanied by the light rain we reached Agios Pavlos where we stayed for one night, at the cozy big cave there. Next day we continued and we reached Tympaki, where my aunt Koula was waiting for us with a big hug and a hot shower. My uncle Giannis also came later, and we all spend a very calm evening chatting at the living room. Excellent hosting, thank you very much! 🙂

Early the next morning, we headed towards Asimi, where i had a mild dehydration and we forced to stay there for two nights at an olive tree field(!), until i was able to continue. Lots of thanks to Maria, who she was my full time nurse, while also to the owner of the field, which we never met 😛

When i was ready to go, we went to Viannos, but it was too cold up there so we continued to the south and late in the afternoon we reached the beautifull beach of Tertsa. Next morning we continued and we reached Ierapetra, where we stayed at Stauros house, which we met him on the hospitality website for cyclotourers . Stauros was 70 years old and was participating on that website because of his children, who they cycled from U.S.A. until the Land of Fire in Chile! Now he helps people travelling with bicycles, offering them a place to stay like the people who helped his children.

(Stavros in front of his house)NOVATEK CAMERA

And he is doing a pretty good job! He showed us around the city, he cooked for us, he even invited us at his brothers house on the sunday of Easter and we ate lamp, as it is the Greek custom on that day.

(Stavros brother, roasting the lamb like a boss)IMG_0120

He helped us with everything we asked for. Thank you really much Stauros, be well! 😀

So after we “charged our batteries” in Ierapetra, we said goodbye to the beautifull south coast of Crete and we continued to the north towards Elounda, where we pinched our tents, next to an abandoned hotel, facing the small island of Spinaloga across the sea. We stayed there for the night and the next morning we completed our final route, which brought us to my house in Heraklion.

If i still had a few doubts, about going around the world with my bicycle, after this trip i had none… The sense of freedom that you get during this experience is unique. You feel like a freebird flying, meeting new people every day, new places, landscapes and experiences. This perpetual motion releases and frees you from everything in your head, and gets you in a state that you feel so full and happy that you cry out of happiness!

So next stop, Peloponnese