Big in Japan


It is true, we arrived in Japan!  😀

One of my biggest dreams has just became a reality and i am the happiest man on the planet right now! Since i was a child i was so obsessed with anime, karate, samurais, ninjas and suddenly here i am, in this fantastic land of the impossible!


I have to admit that the cultural shock was strong for both of us. Japan is so enormously advanced country, that we were actually feeling like the person from the village, who arrived in the big city for the first time in his life…

When we got out of the station in Narita, our host Izumi was waiting for us with her car and drove us to her house, to meet with her 2 lovely daughters Shiori & Akane. We enjoyed so much our stay with them, as we played music with Akane, Izumi was cooking amazing Japanese meals and Shiori was teaching us about Samurai history! Thank you so much for everything girls, we love you  <3


We also explored Narita-san temple




and the beautiful park around it.



And the time had come for our visit at the futuristic capital of Tokyo. Izumi prepared a sign saying “Tokyo” in Japanese for us and before we even started hitchhiking, a car stopped and took us in…


We arrived at Akihabara, the best place for Anime lovers of all kinds! Just check the photos…




We also visited Ueno park at the heart of Tokyo and watched the cherry blossom(sakura)!


After that we had a weird experience… We were hitchhiking in Shibuya, when a man approached us and said he is looking for models and he wanted me for a photo shooting! Really, do i look like a model…? 😛

On the way we met those Mario Kart into the real world as you can see!


So i played my role as a model and tried some clothes on me, but in the end we didn’t manage to make the photo shooting… No problem though, it was a nice experience after all  🙂

Tokyo is a huge city, with millions of people and cars but it is so quiet and unpolluted, that we did not believe.



Japan is totally on a whole other level in everything!

After Tokyo we stayed 3 days in Saitama with Paul, where we managed to rest and organize a lot. We also tried Nabe for the first time!


Thank you so much Paul for your great hospitality  🙂


We had to get out of Tokyo and head to the south of Japan. After hitching 3 rides we managed to get on the highway and started hitchhiking there. It was not more than 5 mins, until the police arrived… We had to get in their car and got off the highway. They were extremely kind and polite as they were checking our papers, until they let us go after 20 mins, telling us that it is prohibited to walk on the highway and we shouldn’t do it again, with a big smile!

At this point it was already late, so we found a quiet park to set up our tent.


Next morning we started early and our first ride was a cabrio…


After riding the cabrio like a boss, something amazing happened. We arrived at the sea. But this was not an ordinary sea… It was the Pacific Ocean! First time in our lives we had the chance to see the Pacific with our own eyes and the feeling was awesome  😀


There was when we met with Wataru. He took us in his car and we went first to meet some of his friends, as we were drinking coffee. At the same time they were trying to help us find our way to Shizuoka. After some time we decided what to do and left. First we stopped and he paid for our meal. After that we went to the place where we had said, but he changed his mind and he said he will take us to a better place. So we went to the train station, walked in and before we realize anything, he just paid for our train tickets… If all these seem to much for you, he also gave us a heavy bag full of food and drinks, that inside he had left 20 dollars… And it was obvious that he was doing that from his heart. There are no words to describe our gratitude for Wataru’s generosity and kindness, he is the true representative of Around the Good World project.


We love you Wataru!  🙂  <3

After the pleasant train ride, we arrived at Shizuoka and found a beautiful small park to set up our tent.


The next morning we woke up to see 70 years old Japanese people, doing their daily excersize with happiness! We continued by hitchhiking and at some point we arrived at Toyohashi. It was a bit late and we didn’t know if we could make it in time to our host house in Nagoya… We were a bit stressed, until a car stopped in front of us and we got in. Seisuke(the driver) is probably the kindest person we met in Japan and we met a lot, believe me… It was not his intention to go to Nagoya, but he drove us all the way to our host house, 70km in total. We told him also that we will go to Hiroshima after one week and he offered to take us there, as he was going to see his parents. So we set an appointment to meet again in Osaka and he left. Thank you so much Seisuke and see you soon!  😀


In Nagoya we stayed with Simuyo, in her working place, which was a maternity. In fact when we arrive she had just gave birth to a child. So we had to be super quiet for these 2 days, which was awesome because we needed to rest. And so we did! We just went outside at a nice park,


so we actually didn’t see Nagoya, but no problem.

We said goodbye to Simuyo, where she was treating the baby!


Thank you so much for letting us sit back and relax  🙂

We went out and tried to hitchhike, but we had no luck for almost 2 hours… A guy saw us trying and called me. When i went inside his office, he asked me where were we going. I said “Osaka”. So he made us a sign, writing Osaka in Japanese! After 5 mins, boom!!! We found an awesome guy, who took us 15km out of Nagoya, to drop us off at a highway parking on our way, which was the best place to be. He also paid for our coffees! He was also traveling around the world when he was younger, so he tried to help us a lot. His name is Majid and he is originally from Iran, but he and his family are living 23 years in Japan. Thank you so much Jin(his Japanese name), you are epic!  😀


After it was very easy. We just raised our sign at the end of the parking and after sometime we had a ride all the way to Osaka! And easily we found our next host, who was Krittin. We stayed with him 2 nights and we discovered Osaka’s downtown.




We were also attacked by Godzila…



After we stayed with Shino as well for 3 days. She is such a nice 21 year old girl, who has already been around the world! She helped us a lot, made a\our stay perfect and cooked some delicious meals for us. Thank you so much for everything Shino 🙂


On these 3 days we also found ourselves in a hiking route, to the top of a mountain. It is so beautiful to walk outside in Japanese nature!



In those 2 weeks that we already have been in Japan, it is very obvious for us that Japanese people are the kindest people we have ever met in our lives! Really, their kindness is on a whole other level. We owe them a huge Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.  <3

It was time to meet with Seisuke for the second time, to go all together to Hiroshima! When we went outside, he was already there, waiting for us…


To Be Continued…