Best Start of a Journey

So after all this time, with lots of effort, lots of fun and lots of everything… The time had come to start cycling Around the Good World !

So i started gathering my stuff very carefuly

( 😛 ), as you can see


and right after, i loaded them on Lui(the name of the bicycle).


When i was perfect ready, i said goodbye to my family, in a very tense and touching moment for all of us… After that I got on the bicycle and just like that, the journey had finally started! So I headed quickly towards the port, with a strong wind on my face, that was blowing my hat away all the time… Every start is difficult.

When I reached the port, I went towards the ANEK LINES – Blue Star Ferries  tickets office. The company had offered me a free ticket, from Heraklion to Athens, as a sponsorship for the project. Ksekinima_3

I got the ticket very easily, just by giving a code, reffering to my name. Thank you so much ANEK LINES – Blue Star Ferries  for your kindness to sponsor the project this way!  😀


So I was ready and set, to board on the ship!


I cycled towards the doors


I said a really difficult goodbye to Tzinaki(who is taking the pictures) and got on board, with the help of the very friendly staff of the company.Ksekinima_7

I went upstairs, after passing all the necessary checks and got on the deck, to enjoy the final moments in Heraklion. As i was outside, feeling the wind on the deck, i realised how difficult it is to say goodbye to so many things that you leave behind. OK, I knew it from the beginning, but it is different to think of it than to actually doing it and being there, in the middle of the situation. I felt a heavy feeling of separation of all the things that i really love. My family, my house, my friends, my comfort zone and a lot of other small details, that was feeling huge at that moment… So i concentrated really hard, at all the great moments that the journey will offer and managed to deal with the situation.

This is the last view i have from Heraklion, the city that i have lived for more than 20 years…


I waved goodbye and went inside, to enjoy a very pleasant trip on the Aegean sea, with the ship of ANEK LINES – Blue Star Ferries

The next morning i woke up and saw the beautiful sun rising, just outside the port of Piraeus


So the ship reached the port


and we disembarked.


You can book your boat tickets with ANEK LINES – Blue Star Ferries Here. Enjoy your pleasant and beautiful trip!  🙂


Also I would like to thank the guys from Live Trip for their support. Live Trip Traveller  is an application that shows the live route of the journey, on the world map! It is on the Top Menu if you click on THE ROUTE.

You can check all the journeys or start your own(!), on the website of Live Trip Here.


After all it has finally started… I will stay in Athens for one more week, to arrange some visas and do some jobs that need to be done. Also i want to see some relatives and good friends and next week, Damianos & me will start cycling Around the Good Word !

I am really looking forward to it! Stay tuned  😀