Around the Good Vietnam

Street art at the center of Saigon00460004

Our first noodle meal, when Lia arrived in Saigon01420002

Teaching English to university student’s, at King’s houseIMG-20160326-WA0016

The central market in Saigon22490005

Exotic fruits at the market22470003

Lia making photos inside a Buddhist temple23040002

The other side of the temple23060007

We found these cherry blossoms as we were walking in Saigon02080005

Our first hitchhiking truck to leave SaigonIMG-20160326-WA0010

This awesome guy drove us for 2 hours, until we found the perfect beach to camp!IMG-20160326-WA0014

The beach at Long Hai04230004

Our tent at Long Hai beach18390003

Hitchhiking a motorbike, with 3 persons and 3 backpacks on it…  😛 12494929_576433965866071_8957008068509970558_n

Hitchhiking a truck on our way to La Gi21020003

Drinking coconut milk at the beach of La Gi00350001

The fishing boats of La Gi19420001

Camping and relaxing above the beach, under the pine trees18570002

Our awesome friends we met in Dalat02130001

The majestic Elephant waterfalls!22020001

Into the jungle…21190005

Selfie at the waterfall22170009

A great Pagoda on the top of a beautiful hill02320017

Flowers at the garden of the pagoda02410026

Flowers at the garden of the Pagoda02350021

Flowers at the garden of the Pagoda02430027

On our way to the lake02480003

Crazy House in Dalat21550001

Duck boats at the lake in Dalat23550002

Helping at an English class in Danang06490004

After a successful English class we taught08120002

Bad weather at the river in Danang04160002

The glorious dragon, on the bridge of Danang06130006

The dragon once more06120005

Me and my friend in Hoi An20430006

A small boat in Hoi An20230005

On a big bridge in Hoi An21300011

Selfie with our host Tuan and his girlfriend21520002

The back entrance of the palace in Hue23580003

Another loo at the palace23520002

The front gate of the palace00510006

Inside a tropical forest in Hue22230001

Our hosts house in Hue03380009

Our kind hosts in Hue17500001

I risked my life to get up there for this photo…01160019

The tourist boats on the river of Hue01500001

Just a cool statue01140017

Outside a peaceful temple01190004

Street food in Hanoi03330004

Going out in Hanoi city with those students03440012

A pipal tree inside the lake22520003

Hats… Hats everywhere!!!04390005

Old quarter in Hanoi capital04280002

A stop to rest, into the countryside rice fields23410001

Building a school for small children – Build2Learn Project03240003

Moving the bricks inside12938116_196351594089876_515203908441160812_n

The whole Greek team getting ready for work12961489_196351284089907_8953845835376256176_n

Our hosts in Hanoi06230002

Cycling at the village23500003

The children at the kindergarten 03070002

A small pond outside our home in the village04040009

Smoking with locals was hard…03060002

A very old entrance22400002

Hitchhiking our way to Hanoi23070001

Our truck full of pigs…00560001

Inside the pig truck02350001