Cycling Around Peloponnese – Photos

Antikythira, from the ferry IMG167

Kythira, from the ferry IMG175

On the way to Monemvasia NOVATEK CAMERA

View of Monemvasia NOVATEK CAMERA

Camping nearby Gerakas NOVATEK CAMERA

Camping nearby Gerakas NOVATEK CAMERA

Charahia beach IMG185

On a cliff in Astros NOVATEK CAMERA

Astros, from the old castle NOVATEK CAMERA

Astros, through a very old window NOVATEK CAMERA

Elpidohori(Hopeland) entranceIMG202



Elpidohori – Couch out of natural & renewable materials IMG197

Elpidohori – YurtIMG195

Elpidohori – Entrance of the COB house IMG190

Elpidohori – Inside the COB houseIMG189

Elpidohori – Inside the COB houseIMG187

Elpidohori – Inside the COB houseIMG186

Elpidohori IMG198

Me, ready to begin a new day NOVATEK CAMERA

Beach close to Alfios riverIMG220

Small abandoned houses on the beach IMG221

My tent endured the stormIMG223

My tent endured the stormIMG218

My tent endured the stormIMG219

The extraordinary Voidokilia beach DSCN6513


Keeping some notes DSCN6542

Doing my laundryDSCN6544

Doing my laundryDSCN6547

Brave hair, flying free! 😛 DSCN6546

Street art in KalamataIMG227

Street art in KalamataIMG226

Street art in KalamataIMG231

Street art in KalamataIMG230

Everything loaded in the car, to go from Chania to RethymnoIMG236

Everything loaded in the car, to go from Chania to RethymnoIMG237