Around the Good Nepal

The first hours in Kathmandu, i was driving in Thamel streets12280001

A woman is selling nuts on the street12040005

A taste of the center of Kathmandu12260003

A buddhist temple10160003

Monkeys eating and drinking water(!) at Monkey temple10510020

Young monks are playing football10540026

Elpis, Dora and me! 3 travelers from Greece, found each other at the center of Kathmandu09300001

The awesome Patan Durbar square 05450001

Bishan and me. He kept my bicycle safe for 2 days in his house!11520002

A tower at a hiking placeIMG_20151226_150133

Navin, Raj and me. They hosted me for 6 days!093700041

Hari and me. He hosted me for 3 days at Battar village!Unknown

Trishuli river from aboveUnknown

Incredible view from a higher groundUnknown1

The former King’s of Nepal residence close to BattarUnknown

Mandip, his mother, his father and me. They hosted me for 7 days!Unknown

Ranjit and me in the bus to BharatpurUnknown

The view outside of the bus window, next to the riverUnknown

Sitting by the fire with Ranjit and his familyUnknown

A lake into the jungleUnknown

Children having picnic with their schoolUnknown1

Hiking with the Himalayas around!Unknown1

A village into the jungleUnknown

Just a nice placeUnknown

Leaving Ranjit’s house. His wife, his daughter, Ranjit, his father and me.Unknown

Me with Neyren, his wife and their children. They hosted me for 1 night!Unknown

The best tree in the Universe 😀 Unknown

A Buddhist statue in Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha Siddhartha GautamaUnknown

Korean Temple, at the Lumbini temple complexUnknown1

The entrance of a Buddhist templeUnknown2

Lumbini’s lake just after the sunsetUnknown1

Into the Jungles of ChitwanUnknown


My last Nepali image, before i cross the border to India!Unknown

This bridge feels great 🙂12400496_929514750430515_5052697441796178503_n