Around the Good Japan



Classic inside of a Japanese home22030014

We had great time with Shiori, Izumi and Akane in Narita!06470002

Narita-san temple22150001

The nature around Narita-san temple21200007

Epic religious stones20100011

The entrance of Narita-san22200014

Nature in Japan is amazing!21070007

When we first arrived at Tokyo…19190002

Akihabara is the paradise of anime lovers828_1461061125628

This is why…19390003

No comments19280011

Ueno park in the heart of Tokyo, with cherry blossoms 21530006

Real Mario Kart at the streets of Shibuya03290005

Futuristic Tokyo at sunset02440002

The streets of TokyoDSC_7176

Paul hosted us in Saitama18050001

And he cooked delicious “Nabe” for us05050003

Camping on our way out of Tokyo16240002

Thug life!  😛 18590001

The first time in our lives that we saw the Pacific Ocean20400003

Wataru was the most generous and awesome guy we met23280001

A nice watermill at Shizuoka16350002

Seisuke was our epic driver04000001

Walking at a bamboo forest in Nagoya02410005

Sumiyo was our host in Nagoya17060001

Majid took us out of Nagoya with his car20370001

Downtown Osaka23340002

Downtown Osaka22400007

Downtown Osaka23270004

Scared by Gotzila…  😛 23280006

Shino was our kind host in Osaka18360003

The path up the hill was great21380001

And the forest so beautiful  😀 21470001

Our “Traveling Card” inspected by the cat…03430003

We love you so much Seisuke!!!!!00180004

Hiroshima from above02230002

Playing with Mimi and Lisa20350008

The A-Bomb dome in Hiroshima21260002

The A-Bomb dome from the back21340012

Big Origami in the street21500008

Out for a walk with the whole family…21590013

Being crazy with the family!!!13087346_812513498884822_2750797726928728211_n

This Sushi place was so awesome06390002

Toori gate04060012

Israa, Simon and Lia at Kintai bridge, in Iwakuni03350005

Such a beautiful place04000001

Samurai statue04190001

Eating and having fun at Ai’s house03350002

Yuki, and Ai are playing Super Mario with Towa, their son!04120002

A huge heart in Hofu21570006

Good luck puppets22350009

Water for religious ceremony of cleaning the hands22320005

Girl Metal… \m/01040001

Towa, Atara and Ai are hitchhiking with us!13245868_1087159764678896_174935681_n

Aya and Koji took us to Fukuoka01090002

Sadly we are leaving Japan… We love this awesome land  <318580002