Around the Good Iran

The first stop with the bus, on Iranian ground00250002

Early in the morning, we arrived at Tehran09480001

This is Azadi tower, the symbol of Tehran10400004

Selfie with Azadi tower10480010

Me and Minoo, in a park of TehranNOVATEK CAMERA

The “Salt Man” in Ancient History Museum died 1.000 years ago, but his body is still intact!NOVATEK CAMERA

A wall from Persepolis, with King Xerxes and his loyal servantsNOVATEK CAMERA

Another statue from PersepolisNOVATEK CAMERA

Alale and me, at the Carpet museumNOVATEK CAMERA

My backpack on the highway…09020007

Starting hitchhiking my way, to the south IranNOVATEK CAMERA

My first ride to KashanNOVATEK CAMERA

Agah Buzur mosque in KashanNOVATEK CAMERA

Amazing alleys of Kashan NOVATEK CAMERA

Amazing alleys of Kashan 2NOVATEK CAMERA

Amazing alleys of Kashan 3NOVATEK CAMERA

Architecture over 9.000 inside Kashan’s Bazar…NOVATEK CAMERA

I was looking at this for 10 minutes, without moving…NOVATEK CAMERA

No words can describe it!NOVATEK CAMERA

Me and Ahmad, who invited me for lunch at his house, without even knowing me!NOVATEK CAMERA

Mehdi was my host for 3 days in KashanNOVATEK CAMERA

This incredible guy took me to the bus station and paid for my ticket, while i was shouting to him that i don’t want to go with the bus… Just epic!NOVATEK CAMERA

The river of IsfahanNOVATEK CAMERA

Siosepol bridge of IsfahanNOVATEK CAMERA

Emam square in IsfahanNOVATEK CAMERA

Emam mosque inside the squareNOVATEK CAMERA

The incredible Jameh mosque NOVATEK CAMERA

The incredible Jameh mosque 2NOVATEK CAMERA

The incredible Jameh mosque 3NOVATEK CAMERA

Hosein and me in IsfahanNOVATEK CAMERA

Hosein’s friend and owner of the carpet shopNOVATEK CAMERA




On the mountain of IsfahanNOVATEK CAMERA

Hitchhiking with Esy and his friend to ShirazNOVATEK CAMERA

The unbelievably beautiful holy shrine of ShirazNOVATEK CAMERA

The holy shrine of Shiraz 2NOVATEK CAMERA

Just a piece of Iranian architectureNOVATEK CAMERA

Mangrove forest on Qeshm islandIMG_20151208_092622

Omid chilling on his couch!23270002

With the wonderful family of Omid00190002

Ali hosted me for free in the Silk Road Hotel in Yazd18290001

On the way for the Towers of Silence in Yazd01210017

The view from the Tower02070005

Inside the Tower01340001

Amazing alleys of Yazd03580001

Amazing alleys of Yazd 204030006

Amazing alleys of Yazd 304020003

Mehrdad and me back in TehranNOVATEK CAMERA

(From left to right) Marjan, Hamed, Mohamed, the video editor and me15030002

Alale, Sepidar and me20120002

Hamed & Mohamed are helping me to disassemble the bicycle19530002

And we made it  😀 20350002

On my way to check in, at Imam Chomeini Airport of Tehran11350002