Around the Good India

Right on the border, from Nepal to India


Me and Atul, my first friend in India, who helped me a lot!IMG_20160117_171821

Me and Anil, my first host in India07440003

Me and my friends in Nautanwa18400003

Cycling through the villages, with lots of rain 09550001

I met those people in a village, that i stopped because of rain11400001

When i reached the beautiful and exotic Ayodhya13130001

I stayed in this under costruction site, for 1 night…13360001

On my way to Lucknow12160002

The moment i arrived in Lucknow12050003

Just a nice building14200003

This is Thaps, my most unique host on this journey! <312496402_10205734777024221_2152909782657972795_o

Me and Vinod, my kind friend in Lucknow


Bara Imambara palace in Lucknow14170008

The most delicious kebab doner shop in India!14050004

My little friend in the streets of Lucknow13560001

The Residence is what left from the English era in Lucknow12510003

An amazing peepol tree, into the Residence13200002

A nice old building into the Residence12540005

Me and Ozkan from Turkey, he Rocks!!! \m/10010007

Ozkan is playing table tennis with college students10290004

Stuning Bara Imambara, from above14390008

Chota Imambara, the palace for the Queen15190001

Me and my little friends, who helped me disassemble my bicycle13310003

The last time i saw my bicycle on this journey…  😥 15170004

Me and the family of Thaps20450003

Just arrived at Jaipur train station11010001

A great grafiti at the Zostel09050005

Zostel, the best hostel of the entire universe!!!IMG_6415

Zostel’s kitchenZostel7

Zostel’s living roomZostel8

Flower market, in Jaipur15260001

The majestic Jawa Mahal palace, in the heart of the Pink City12130002

The clock tower of Jaipur14210001

One of the gates, into the Pink City14060005

The extraordinary, Monkey Temple13150018

Feeding some cute little monkeys  😀 14350007

The lake at the Monkey Temple14150002

Monkey Temple from above14210011

Me and my crazy friends!14100001

Anọther awesome peepal tree!14070008

The streets of the Pink City13550003

Me, with Jai my host in Ajmer and his friend12440002

A nice lake close to Ạjmer13420005

A classic Rajasthani person, in Pushkar11060003

The one and only Brahman temple in the world


The view from a high hill, in Pushkar


Zostel of Pushkar


My friends at Pushkar’s Zostel

07420001A nice piece of art07490003

Saying goodbye to Jai and his friends10130002

The amazing Amber Fort, of Jaipur14400006

Inside the Amber Fort15090006

A nice view from above the fort14430007

A classic every days walk in the street…15190002

Admiring the view of Jaisalmer fort, from a rooftop


Taking a tuk-tuk for the Thar desert12240001

Into the desert house, with the family members15300004

Chatrel village into the desert 14590001

A desert house09120001

Chatrel village10500001Ibrahim the camel owner10480001Camping on a sand dune, into the desert16330001

Awesome sunrise into the Thar desert16300004

Me and Al Pacino… 😛 09290001

Kamal, one of the most interesting persons i have ever met!13470001

Architecture over 9.000 at Jaisalmer city!11230015

Awesome palace in Jaisalmer11230017

Leaving Jaisalmer with the train15090002

Me and Arun, my very good friend and owner of Jaipur ZostelUnknown

The moment i arrived at Kolkata train stationUnknown2

After a mini adventure, i managed to get into the bus with my bicycle!Unknown3

Arrived at Kolkata airport and i am ready to fly Unknown4

Into the plane. Thailand is the next destination  😀 Unknown5