Around the Good Greece

Just took my ticket, from ANEK LINESKsekinima_4

The moment that i enter the boat, to leave Crete…Ksekinima_7

Sunrise in AthensNOVATEK CAMERA

Finally i am at the capitalNOVATEK CAMERA

My brother is giving me a haircutIMG_20150524_225534

The first selfie of the journeyIMG_20150524_235632

Entering the car with my cousin, which will take us outside of AthensIMG_20150525_060127

The bicycles into the carIMG_20150525_060409

Clear, sunny Greek skyIMG_20150525_084834

The first time we arrived at the sea


At the ‘Pareospito’ with Aggelara and Eirini


Early in the morning with Aggelara


Our first day campingIMG_20150527_072426

Finally arrived in Rovies and George took us in his carIMG_20150527_184442

Paliomylos project – An earth houseIMG_20150528_205557

Inside Paliomylos house07490003

Helping George with his jobs in PaliomylosIMG_20150528_175003

Leaving Paliomylos, into a storm


Camping at an abandoned bar…IMG_20150529_191831

The valley of Thessalia, in front of usIMG_20150530_101414

Just us, camping in a kindergarten…IMG_20150531_072338

İn Larisa, with Dam’s family and friends14130005

Sleeping in the train to ThessalonikiIMG_20150602_061148

Taking everything up to the 7th floor, with no space left…IMG_20150602_081122

Panoramic photo of ThessalonikiPANO_20150603_194258

Zoı – Dam’s cousinIMG_20150603_194705

Camping in Apolonia18130003

A huge chair we found on the roadIMG_20150605_091625

As a storm found usIMG_20150605_162645

Carrying sand, helping our friends at the Elia clubIMG_20150605_175332

Our friends at the Elia clubIMG_20150605_203523

Inside the city of Kavala828_1433597093298

Having lunch with those two epic guys, who walk around the world!IMG_20150606_190830

The priest who gave us a place to sleep, in that schoolIMG_20150606_210329

Meeting Ahmed on the roadIMG_20150607_103159

Marios and me in KsanthiIMG_20150609_104630

As we were leaving Ksanthi, saying bye bye to MarioIMG_20150609_105447

An amazingly beautiful place in Porto LagosIMG_20150609_123846

Me, Uwe and DamIMG_20150609_134007

Giannis and Dam, in Komotini21000005

Camping at Giannis house, in the villageIMG_20150611_071749

Last day in GreeceIMG_20150611_184213

Turkey aproaching…IMG_20150612_100541

The bordersIMG_20150612_100959