Around the Good Georgia


The border of Georgia after Turkey13480009


The first monument i found, just 2km after the border14010001


The house i was staying in Batumi10400004


Andrey(my host in Batumi) and me16190001


At Kobuleti, camping in a park,next to the Black Sea17420001


Sleeping outside of the Police Station(!), in Lanchkuti07250004


Tato and his family, that they hosted me in Amaghleba village07440001


Shota and me, at the “Island” Cafe/Bar, in Zestafoni11080002


Just a beautiful camping spot, right after Zestafoni17300019


Some beautiful shelters, on the top of a steep mountain, on my way to Tbilisi 11120007


A park in Khasuri town17540007


This guy, let me camp in his house, in Akhali Nichbsi12100001


A donk-fie…! 😛 17050016


Me and Madona, my first host in Tbilisi09090005


A World War II monument, at the center of Tbilisi10490006


Just a cool statue in Tbilisi11020001


A street of Tbilisi14120002


A house complex i liked, in Tbilisi13470002


A hotel built, on the old Tbilisi city walls14000017


Anna and me. She helped me a lot with everything i needed in Tbilisi20170001


Nana(my second host) and me, in Tbilisi07280001