Around the Good Armenia

Right on the border of Armenia

After I crossed the border13120001

Some workers on the border that greeted me! 13150002

My first Armenian friends, in the park of Tashir 16050003

Riana, Argam, Rima and me. They host me in Tashir 08480006

Armenian landscape13310002

A freaky tunel, on my way to Spitak10560009

Marina, Armen and me, at their house in Spitak07540001

Stunning view on the Armenian mountains 09440002

A great monument at Stepanavan town10030003

My young friends, at the Gjulagarag village11560001

A great camping spot, next to water and protected from the rain16250011

These guys took me with their truck, on the most difficult uphill of my journey! 10080002

And this is their old super-truck!09400003

Aragats, the highest mountain of Armenia10220001

Students and an old lady i met in the village Kuchak08290002

Ashatarak from above09360002

Yerevan, here i am!10430007

Alice and me, at her restaurant in Yerevan16200011

Charestsi 28, the best restaurant in Yerevan16190005

An 1.000 years old church, in the Yereghis village10070003

Another really old church, in Yereghis village10420006

Khachkars(cross-stones in Armenian), in Yereghis village11020002

Extraordinary view in Yereghis village11040007

The wine festival, in Areni village12400001

Inside a minibus, on the way to Sevan lake14100001

Karavasarai, was a 800 years old hotel on the silk road, at the top of a mountain14500022

An epic guy and his wife, outside Karavansarai15010004

Sevan lake from above16540003

Khachkars, in the Noratus cemetery16120010

Me and the khachkars \m/16260010

Hayrivank monastery, next to the Sevan lake16560007

An epic view, of the amazing Armenian landscape14510024

Saqo, Levon, Wolf, me and Nune having fun 😛 12068456_984514594904997_517006751625703124_o

Nazan and Luize, my beautiful hosts in Yerevan12150001

The Opera hall of Yerevan12430004

The Republic square of Yerevan12200010

Wolf is my second host host in Yerevan10256628_987246627965127_9061564767713481008_o


Making a barbeque with friends, to Wolf’s house12141712_986480201375103_9043600179767569103_n

The 2.000 years old Pagan temple of Garni11300003

The magnificent view around Garni temple11360015

Amazing geological formations, at a canyon close to Garni12530002

Amazing geological formations, at a canyon close to Garni 213170021

Our picnic into the canyon13160018

And our group photo with Veloclub team12144668_790888974353971_9078134813630875387_n

Coming back from Garni to Yerevan12113504_987248487964941_2834742876157993236_o (1)

Grammy Hostel entrance15160030

Me at the reception of Grammy Hostel15110017

Grammy Hostel from the inside13070001

Grammy Hostel from the inside 215220002

Grammy Hostel from the inside 315080006

Grammy Hostel from the inside 415070003

Grammy Hostel from the inside 515100013

Grammy Hostel from the inside 607280002

Arayk is the soul of Grammy Hostel and plays the piano like a boss!15280020

Acrobatics at the Freedom square12010707_1613276032267675_5536327094724025450_o

Parkur at the Freedom square12113536_1613280885600523_2834265463168696367_o

BMX show at the Freedom square12109032_1612816085647003_4972005916841731400_n

Me and Yianna, the lovely mother of Wolf13370002

 The Cascade from Beneath08300003

Grafiti of famous Armenian Artists 11540001

Armenian Genocide Memorial11230028

Mushrooms on Wood15230028

Me and Sasunsit Davit statue16070010