Angkor What…?

After 6 wonderful days in Bangkok, i had to step my feet on the road again. So i woke up early and took the bus, to take me out of the city. I arrived at a huge junction, where it was extremely difficult to hitchhike… After 1 and a half hours of no luck, a guy appeared out of nowhere, who wanted to help me! He tried hitchhiking with me, but the result was the same. So he took me into his car… He drop me off at the bus station and paid for my ticket. At the meantime i was yelling and showing him my money… But he just wanted to do this from his heart! Thank you so much Nang, for your great help  😀


So i hopped on the bus and after a nice ride


I arrived at Chanthaburi. A very nice town, at the east side of Thailand, where i crashed at the park. Late in the afternoon, after realising that i cannot sleep at the park, i found another park to set up my tent at the children’s playground… I know it sounds weird, but it was 22:00 in the night, so there was no children around  😛


I woke up very early and decided to take the bus to the border. The bus station was very close and everything went really smooth. I arrived at Aranyaprathet, a small town before the border and had my last perfect lunch. It was a delicious Pat Thai!


Then i hitchhiked with two motorbikes and arrived at the border. This was from the Thailand side.


I did all the necessary paperwork and finally crossed the border, to find myself into Cambodia  🙂


I went to the immigration office where they stamped my visa on arrival, very fast but a bit expensive. Anyway, i was really excited to see what was ahead, so i started hitchhiking to get away from the border. My goal was to reach Siem Reap at the same day, while it was already 14:00… Difficult task but i had confidence!

For the first 30 mins, i had no luck. I was walking with my backpack, under the extremely hot sun and nobody wanted to take me for free. 10$ was the price for everyone. I didn’t give up and after 10 mins i heard a guy shouting from his mini van, “Siem Reap, Siem Reap…” I went there and asked him if he can take me for free(the concept of hitchhiking is totally unknown in Cambodia). He thought about it and in the end said, “Come in”. I was so happy to hear that  😀

After a 3 hours drive through the plains of Cambodia, with the heat at extreme levels, we finally arrived at Siem Reap before sunset. Thank you so much for the ride  🙂


Next job was to find my guesthouse. I had already contact with them and i found it very easy. It is located at a very quiet neighborhood, 10 mins walking from the centre & the name is Traveler Cat. There i met all the Turkish “gang”, who runs the guesthouse, plus everybody else in there. Very friendly atmosphere and lots of joy!


It is more like a family, than a guesthouse…! If you ever go to Siem Reap, don’t miss the chance to stay there. You will love it  <3


The next days were very interesting. I visited the town and walked around it. The energy and the vibe of this place, is super strong & you feel really good from the first moment. From the other hand it is also super touristic and most of the people will treat you as dollars, not as a human being…

After 2 days, the time had come to visit the landmark of Cambodia. Angkor Wat it is.

Photo Mar 04 5 32 52 PM

It was built at the 12th century and it is the biggest religious complex in the world. It is the pride of Cambodian nation and it is on their national flag as well. In a vast area inside the ancient jungle, there are hundreds of temples in all sizes. From tiny ones, to gigantic ones. I really cannot describe you the feeling of being there, walking around and inside the temples, watching the sunrise and sunset and many more. I can just show you the photos. Enjoy!

Photo Mar 05 7 57 50 AM

Photo Mar 05 6 30 27 AM

Photo Mar 05 9 50 34 AM

Photo Mar 05 11 52 09 AM

Photo Mar 05 1 14 22 PM

Angkor Wat is a precious stone into my memories! It is by far, the best thing that i have seen in Asia until now and one of the best things i have ever seen in my life. It definately worthed all the trouble to come here.

Photo Mar 05 1 21 43 PM

The next days were very relaxing, i met more people at the guesthouse and had lots of fun!


One of the next days i had to move. So i had to say goodbye to the gang! Thank you so much for everything, I love you all  <3


My next destination was a floating village, (yes a floating village above water…) where i would meet with Ozkan again!



To Be Continued…