After a Hell of a Long Time…

It’s been a hell of a lot time, since the last time I made a blog post. I know…

In those last 6 months, tons of things have happened. I don’t even know where to start from, but I guess from the point I left it. I was in Canada, living in a small but very cute apartment with my 2 amazing roommates.

There I was working at a pizzeria, making good money and generally life was going well for me. I could save money and make my plans for my future travels. At the time, it was November and I was planning to work until June, until I would quit and hit the road again. I wanted to see New York and travel into Canada as much as I could. Meet with the wales and the Northern lights, the Niagara falls and visit the super-mega-city of Toronto to see my friends. 

At the restaurant, I had to stand my horrible manager every single day. But every day passing, was one day closer to my goal. That was more than enough to keep me going. It was then when out of the despair of working, an idea stuck into my mind. That it would be awesome to start a YouTube project with my travels and more stuff. And this is what I did! I bought a camera and started shouting with it. Here’s my first video. Don’t judge me hard, it’s just my first video… 😛 

All was going well, until the shit hit the fan… At some point my manager started to give me less hours, because in winter there is less traffic and everyone wants to work more. So she would give the hours to their “favorite” people and wouldn’t give a single fuck about me… Inevitably on a random day, we had an epic fight in front of everybody at the restaurant and I quit. At the same time I had to renew my visa, that would expire in February. And the official answer from the Immigration department of Canada, was that they will reply to me after 4 months. While my visa was running out in 2… So there I was, with no job, no income, with my visa on the air and bills coming every week. The clock was ticking and I had to make a decision fast.

After analyzing all the parameters thoroughly, I came to the conclusion that the wiser option I had, was to leave Canada and start traveling to Latin America. And this is exactly what I did 😀  In this video I am explaining it a bit more!

So I packed my stuff

Said some really painful goodbyes to my good friends and roommates and headed out to Mexico.

I was very sad leaving Montreal and everything within it behind, but at the same time excited for the adventures ahead. And to be honest, leaving the -30 degrees for +30 on exotic beaches isn’t that bad… Montreal though, was my home for 9 unforgettable months and will always have a special place into my heart! I still miss it and I will definitely return one day. Au revoir a tous!

And now it’s Mexico’s time! Vamonos muchachos 🙂

It felt good from the first moment I stepped my foot on this hospitable land. From the airport I headed by hitchhiking to Puerto Morelos.

As you see in the video, nothing less than awesomeness can describe this blessed place! After my 3 day stay at Puerto Morelos, I hitchhiked to Tulum, where I started volunteering at a hostel.

Tulum is a very unique place, that all kinds of cultures blend in together. The beaches, the food, the lagoons, the cenotes and generally everything about it, is nothing less than epic. But there is one thing missing here. And that is Mexico… After 25 days interacting with tourists I decided to experience the real Mexican culture. So I set off for Merida!

After I met with my friend Gabriela(Gaby) there, we went to awesome places to see flamingos, mangroves and pueblos magicos! Enjoy 🙂

After my time in Merida, I came back to Tulum. The reason was to continue making videos about my journey. But I had to face reality that hit me in the face one more time… First it was my laptop that had no sound. I tried everything in my power but I couldn’t fix it. And that left me unable to edit videos. I continued shouting films though and it was then when my camera fell into the cenote… I quickly dived in to rescue it and ran back as fast as I could, to put it in a bowl full of rice, praying for it to survive. I decided then that Tulum wasn’t the place for me and it was time to move on after a month and a half. I took everything, including the bowl of rice and returned to Merida. There I found the Lenovo service to repair my laptop since it was still on warranty. At the same time I set of on a 3 day roadtrip with 2 friends that I met through couchsurfing. Zulma from Colombia and Cesar from Mexico. 

Words are meaningless to describe the awesomeness of Las Coloradas and the island of Holbox. Just see for yourselves…

The end of the roadtrip found me back to Merida for one more time. There I had the time to plan the long journey ahead. 

See you next time!


To Be Continued…