Adventures on the Road

After we reached Larisa, in the house of Damianos aunt, she made us feel like home just from the start and treated us like kings! 😀 There where four cousins in the house(there is also a fifth, that i will mention later) and we had great time with all of them, really cool guys. But the medal of honour, goes to mrs Vaso, the heroic Greek mother, who raised them all by herself! Thank you all sooo much  🙂 


We decided to continue till Thessaloniki by train, because of the dangerous road to go there. So we took the train at 5 o’clock in the night and reached Thessaloniki at 8:00 in the morning.


The fifth cousin of Damianos(i told you 😛 ), which her name is Zoi(means life in Greek) came to pick us up and took us to her house on the seventh flour…!


Zoi is studying to be an actress and she is a really interesting person.


We stayed there for two days, resting a lot and exploring this cool and relaxed big city!


Nextday, we left early and reached Apolonia in miday, to find a very beautiful camping spot.


We relaxed for the whole day there, under the plane trees in a sweet relaxing vibe. The next day we continued to the east and on the road we saw that enormous chair…


In the afternoon as we were searching for a camping place, a tropical storm hit us hard…


So in order to cover ourselves we went under this beach bar.


Then after the rain stoped, the owners of the bar came and said hello to us. They were brothers and their names are Simos and Giorgos. They offered us a place to pinch our tents and in return we helped them with their work at the beach, carrying those big  and heavy sacks with sand.


We also met their third brother Vageli. Thanks a lot guys!  😀 


Next day we crossed the beautiful but fully anti-bicycle(because of the steep hills that the city is on them, that go till the sea) city of Kavala


and in the end of the day we reached Nea Karvali. We relaxed at the park and we met there an Argentinian and a French guy, who were walking together as pilgrims, carrying the message of peace! 


And if you call me crazy, they are walking 8 hours every day, making 30km with 25kg in their bagpacks… That is totally insane! Anyway, they asked to the church, if we can all sleep there for the night and the priest who is called Papa-Alexis said yes, with a smile on his face. So he gave us all clean sheets for our beds and also arranged to eat for free at the restaurant across the street, where we met the owner Thomais, with her son Giannis. Thank you for your hospitality Papa-Alexi  🙂 


The next morning we said goodbye to the pilgrims and Papa-Alexis and continued on our route. On the road we also met Ahmed, a 45 year old Turkish guy, that he was traveling the world with his bicycle and gave us some tips.


We splited when we reached Ksanthi, because he left for Komotini and we met Marios, that he hosted us for two nights.

To be Continued…