Hello  🙂

I am Apostolos, a 34 years old traveler, from Crete


Around The Good World  is a travel project. It is all about traveling on a very tight budget, full of wanderlust, inspiration, adventure and the kindness of the people I meet.

It has always been my dream, to travel around the world. Before I started doing it 5 years ago, my family, friends and everybody else were suggesting me to be extremely cautious, or even not to do it in the first place. I was told that the world is a very dangerous place. But the reality is far away from that. The world is full of amazing, generous and loving people! I have seen it countless times, over and over again, across every continent. Every traveler knows this simple, undeniable truth.

The next adventure will be, traveling in Central and South America for 2 years consecutively. If you want to be part of this EPIC journey, subscribe to this channel and stay tuned. Coming Soon!

When I will be on the countryside I intend to sleep in my tent, people’s houses or yards, farms, eco-communities or whatever comes my way! While I’m in a city, i will try to find couchsurfers, or anybody else that could host me. I hope i will meet you on my way!  😀 


If you start trusting people around you, I promise you’’ll be amazed!

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