A Huge Thank You

About a month ago, the crowdfunding campaign for the project begun, on the indiegogo website. It ended before a few days and made me rich… Not in money though

mostly in love, in strength, in knowledge, with experiences and new contacts. I trully feel blessed for this experience!  😀

I don’t want in any case, to underestimate the value of the money that gathered. It is a very valuable asset for the project and will help greatly in its course. Those money didn’t come from any company, nor rich families or with any illegal way. They came from ordinary people, that have families, liabilities and nobody gave them for free. They earned them by working hard, with lots of efforts. They could have used those money for food, clothes, bills, heating, fun, for their children, for their house or for anything else. Instead of those things, they decided to donate at Around the Good World.

Virtually, all these people trusted me and invested in my own dream. From the one hand, this make me feel incredibly lucky and from the other hand, it fills me with the duty, of not let them down.

This post, is for all of you real life Super-Heroes, who proved with your actions the message of the project. “That we can share and spread kindness around us.


Everybody that have supported the project, up until now :


Tzinaki is the one person that have helped me in every field. Without her, everything would be different.

Michalis, for believing the idea for the video. He brought and worked his camera and after him also came, with their own cameras BidisHoho, Makris, Papardelas and Tasos, with his amazing quadcopter views!

Mitsos who brought all the recording stuff and Katerina, which is thw wonderful voice of the video.

F.O.P.K. without it, there would be no video at all.

Stelios, who made the beautiful logo of the project.

Alex, with his lovely photos.

Stelios, who gave me a steering wheel for the bike.

Manolis, who donated the medkit for the journey.

Vasilis, who is still looking for sponsorships, for the project.

Dionysos, who offered me a Thai massage, his speciality.

Cristina with her connections around the world, who will let them know, so that they would host me.


Everybody appearing on the video :

Mrs Zambia with her scarf and Fanis, who is helping her.

Christos with his broken leg and Zaharenia, who is picking up his bags from the floor.

Makrog with his bike, hitting on Hoho and Danai, who is protecting her.

Gaspar who cannot pull that strong and Gianis, who is helping him.

Damianos who is a homeless person an Renata, who is giving him a loaf of bread(it’s cheesebread actually  😛 )

Tzinaki with Freud(the little dog), who are carefree passing the road and Mariza, who saves them before they got hit by the car.


All the sponsors for the video :

SPACEPHONE, mobile phone shop in Heraklion, Agiou Mina 1. Very important for the project the mobile, the battery charger and the two SD cards, that they donated.

ENERGY SPORT by VERTOUDOS, sports shops, Katehaki Heraklion. They donated shoes for the project.

4 Epohes En Oiko, seasonal shop, Knossou 83. They donated the Superman’s costume.

Cyclo Mania, bicycle shop, 62 Martiron Ave. 95. They donated bicycle clothes and a chain.

Moraitis Bikes, bicycle shop, Smirnis 39. They donated bicycle pedals.

Computeretis, sales and service for PC-printers, Komninon 19. They donated the hosting of the projects website.

Raptakis, security products shop, Pyli Iisou 10. The donated the gas stove for coocking.

Open Collection, clothes shop, Kalokairinou Ave. They donated yoga pants.


Everybody that have helped financially tha campaign, up until now :

Giorgos Sp. , Damianos , Andreas Tsep. , Andreas Br. , Dimitris Kouk. , Giorgos Odys. , Zaharenia , Gaspar , Chryssa , Manolis Tsik. , Manos Kar. , Antonis Koum. , Konstantina Tsi. , Michalis Kats. , Foteini Bour. , Aristea Ant. , Anna Sm. ,Maria Man. , Vasilis Tsag. , Kostas Tsouk. , Nikos Val. , Alexandros Lyb. , Gianis Kout. , Anthony Lag. , Kostas Par. , Apostolos Sian. , Piergiorgio Bert. , Andreas Gr. , Vagelis Siom. , Stella Anas. , Dimitris Tsir. , Paris Bit. , Theodosios Lour. , Adam Samn. , Iliana Lyk. , Ioanis Fars. , Spyros Spyr. , Orestis Sar. , Nikos Papaz. , Michalis Chatz. , Makrog , Grigoris Karv. , Michalis Tsep. , Alexis Ask. , Till H. , Elisenda Pal. , Filopoimin Pan. , Athanasios Kar. , Fotini Gial. , Nikos Papast. , Hlias Pap. , Manolis Tsik. , Stavros Foud. , Maria Ksid. , Fish , Sofaki , Foteineli , Manos Vas.


Also everybody else, who helped with his own personal way. I hope i am not forgetting anyone.


Trully a huge THANK YOU  from the bottom of my soul to all of you. You are the real life Super-Heroes!  😀