8 Months on the Road


There are so many things to remember and say, about those magical 8 months on the road! But lets start with simple facts. 6 countries – 250 days – 6.000km pedaling – 100+ new friends
Until now, I’ve found myself into lots of crazy situations. Like when, after a bump on the road, i literally flew over the bicycle… Or when, we were walking up on a hill and at the top we found a marble swimming pool(!), of course we did not resist to jump in with our underwear… Or when my whole backpack was stolen and the next day, i found the thief accidentally on the road, chased him, caught him and finally got everything back… Or when i was cycling up on a hill and i was watching the monkeys jumping from one tree to another… Experiences that i can never forget!
Of course there are plenty of difficulties on a daily basis. But the beauty of the landscapes, the thirst for the next experiences and curiosity for the next destination, make all difficulties seem irrelevant.
There are so many people who have helped me, that my gratitude for them cannot be expressed by words. I have been hosted by more than 50 totally strangers to me. They took me into their house and shared with me whatever they had available at the moment. Without asking anything in return and without fear, even though they had wives and little children. Also hundreds of more people help me every day in the street when i ask for details, directions, water and giving me their best smile! A huge thanks to all of them.
Every day that passes on the road, you are evolving and becoming a bit better than before. You get great life lessons, that there is no university which can provide you. You learn to live with loss and enjoy happiness. 
So happiness for me lies into simple things. There no better joy after an exhausting day, to play with a 2 year old child, next to the fire at night.

Everybody owes to himself to find his own happiness, wherever is hidden. It is sure out there, you just have to search for it  😀


To Be Continued…