Monthly archives: July, 2015

Just Flying a Drone

  My host Matthias, in Gundogan had just bought a drone. So when i arrived there, Matthias, his friends and I, went on a football pitch to play with it. I also flew it for a little  😀   

Camping in Makedonias Nature

  Just arrived at the location Vima Apostolou Pavlou, in Apolonia. The place is blessed with natural beauty and lots of water! So lucky to find and camp here. Featuring Dam with his burger…  😛  

Great Park in Istanbul

  Such a beautiful and colorful park, right at the center of Istanbul. This city can surprise you in every corner! Just follow it’s rhythm and you will understand  😉     

Cycling in Greece

  Cycling on the flatland of the valley of Thesalia. Dam in front and me following. In the end we meet another fellow cyclist  😀   

Great View at a Rooftop in Gülük

  This is really difficult to describe, how well you feel if you live in a house with this kind of view… Time just stops every time you look at this magical sight  😀   

Around the Good Greece

Just took my ticket, from ANEK LINES The moment that i enter the boat, to leave Crete… Sunrise in Athens Finally i am at the capital My brother is giving me a haircut The first selfie of the journey Entering the car with my cousin, which will take us outside of Athens The bicycles into…

Iyi Bayramlar!

Early at the morning, me and Alp had our breakfast and left Milas and arrived at Gülük 2 hours later. We spent some time at the village and after we went to Oba beach, wıth our friend Asrin. At the afternoon, Deniz came and found us at the beach and escorted us to his house,…

Cycling the Aegean Beauty

Arrived at Izmir in the afternoon, after making 93km from Yeni Foça. I was exausted but at the same time happy for being there! After the horror in the big roads of the city, i found a bicycle lane(which kept me sane…) and went to find my host, the beautiful Gamze! She is working at…

Turkish Coastline and Izmir

So we are here in Balıkesır, at Erdem’s house. He is a midschool teacher, loves music, plays baglama and learning guitar, plus he is a great host! From the fırst moment we felt good wıth him, he showed us around, we went to the bıg pazar(street market) and offered us Lahmacun, a special Turkısh delıcıous…